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Usenet and usenet industry news collected here. Articles are listed in reverse chronological order.

TPP and the EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has a way of bringing to attention things that copyright cartels and their allies in government would rather people didn’t know about. Continuing on in that tradition, and in their fight against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the organization has linked to a petition, and made it widely available. The petition […]

Is Your USENET Traffic Being Throttled?

“Traffic shaping” is a nice-sounding term, but it refers to your ISP cutting your speed when you access certain services online. Oftentimes, torrent traffic and USENET traffic will be “shaped”—throttled—by the ISPs. You can test to see whether yours is being throttled and take actions if it is. Running the Test If you’re getting slow […]

NZB Sites List Updated

NZB sites tend to come and go. We’ve updated our list so that you can stay informed of the sites that are up and running, as well as get information on the quality of those sites and which might make a good choice for you. Check alongside the rating for any of the sites that […]

Blackphone vs. Cyphr

Keeping Internet surfing secure is one thing, but secure messaging, texting and calling poses additional challenges. Secure messaging services are becoming more and more popular because of this. Cyphr is an offering from Golden Frog that allows users to send and receive encrypted messages. BlackPhone is a high-security mobile phone that includes a range of […]

Cyphr Review

Golden Frog has a new app on the Google Play store called Cyphr. It’s an encrypted messaging app that allows you to protect your privacy without giving up a lot of convenience. Using it requires no particular level of security skill and the interface will be intuitive for anyone who’s used a smartphone before. Despite […]

Nzbsooti Review

Nzbsooti is a relatively new site, having been online since the middle of January 2013. The site offers a no-charge option for downloaders, however, and you can get a higher level of service by getting a membership to the site. They are currently indexing approximately 900 days of video, audio and game content on their […]

SmackDownOnYou Review

SmackDownOnYou is a newzNab based NZB site that currently indexes over 135 groups. They have a policy of avoiding foreign based groups. The site currently boasts over 1000 members. About SmackDownOnYou as of September 2014 Currently Open for registration – Requires Payment. Offers Donation and Paid Accounts RSS feeds and API Support Advanced RegEx For […]

Donnies NZB Review

Donnies NZB is a USENET indexer that offers excellent features, but that is currently closed to registration. For a brief time recently, the site opened up for registration but quickly shut down the registration offer again. Some of the people who did get an invitation to join the site also got the ability to offer […] Review, is a newcomer on the NZB indexer scene that seems to have quite a bit to offer. If you’re not a gamer, the word “pwn” means to “own”, as in dominate or excel. This provider is out there to offer users a clean interface and a service that is easy to understand. Update: as […]

NZB-RSS Review is a site that allows you to get information on all of the video files that have been uploaded to the newsgroups very quickly. It integrates with RSS feeds, allowing you to use it with newsreaders that have that functionality built into them. The site does have its advantages and it may appeal to […]