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Best NZB Site List

Here is  our list of the most popular and best NZB sites.  Note: We make a distinction between NZB sites and. Usenet search engines.

NZB sites contain catalogs of NZB files edited by humans vs USENET search engines which index of NZB files in real time. Oftentimes you will get better quality results with NZB sites due to human editors.

Check out our list of Best Usenet Providers for 2014

Top NZB Sites By UsenetReviewz Ranking Quick Review Chart Grid Layout

Name #Alexa Open $$ Releases Members Platform Notes
Oznzb # 226214 Open Free/Paid 2500K 1000 Newznab+ Well Run. Donate/VIP
UCrawler # 22543 Open Free/Paid 5000K 10K Newznab+ Free! Ad Supported.
GingaDaddy # 185820 Open Free/Paid 700k 29670 Newznab+ Popular UK/US site
NZBGrabit # 109772 Open Free/Paid 191173 25507 Vbulletin Vbulletin Forum.
Nzbplanet # 96317 Open Free/Paid 2000K 110K Newznab+ Improvements & Fast
NzbZombie # 6846268 Open Free/Donate 1000K 6023 Custom Hybrid Forum
NzbGeek # 198133 Open Free/VIG 500K 71903 Vbulletin Friendly NZB Site # 299398 Closed - - - Newznab+ Top Private NZB Site # 53886 Closed Invite-Only 2000K 5K Newznab+ Top Private NZB Site
DogNZB # 107415 Closed Invite-Only 1000K 6K Custom Top Private Site
Nzbfinder # 1188367 Open $20/Yr 500K 5K Newznab+ Bitcoin Only. Fast.
Nzbs4u # 468179 Closed Donate 300K 2K Newznab+ Fast. VIPs donate
NZBIndex # 1205557 Open $10 250K 3K Newznab+ Bitcoin Donation
Nmatrix # 400934 Closed $10 1000K 2K Newznab+ Fast Good. Bitcoin # 9268192 Open $10 300K 2K Newznab+ Experienced Admins
Nzbndx # 386479 Open $12/Yr 1800K 2K Newznab+ Top Newcomer
NZBid # 626300 Open Free 1000K 2K Newznab+ High Quality Service
Newztown # 841201 Closed Invite 600K 10K Newznab+ Fast
NZBGrab # 786379 Open Free 3750k 1K Newznab+ New Site
Newzb # Open $10/Yr 1500K 6K Newznab+ Fast, Well Run
FTDWorld # 2691850 Dead free - 29K Custom A Spot site
NewzNZB # Open Free 400K 1K Custom Newznab NZB site
NNZBZ # 5941914 Open Free 1500K ? Newznab+ A NZB site
OMG # 463610 Open $10/Yr - ? Custom Good NZB Site
AbbyGirl # Open Free 100K 1K Newznab+ Good NZB Site # 959906 Open Free - 3K Vbulletin Audiobooks
UberNZB # Open Free 2700k 1K Newznab+ Good NZB site
FST # 79888 Open Free 5K 150K Vbulletin Forum + NZBs
NComplex # Open $5/Mn 50K 1K Vbulletin Good NZB Site # 14196923 Open Free 100K 4K Newznab+ German NZB Site
TheHive # 1343681 Open Donate No info No info Vbulletin Good NZB Site
DeepCave # 12999902 Open Invite No info 500+ Newznab+ Video Binaries
NZBHangout # 11848506 Closed Donate no info no info Vbulletin Good NZB Site
NNPBeta # Open Free/Paid 5000K+ 1K+ Newznab+ New NZB Provider
Home of NZB # 7052466 Open Free - - Newznab+ New NZB Indexer
Wambles # Open Free - - Newznab+ New NZB Indexer
Donnies NZB # Closed Free - - Vbulletin Good NZB Site
Nzbsooti # Open Free 500K 3K Newznab+ Slower NZB Site.
SmackDown # 254685 Open $15 250K 4K Newznab+ BackupAccts $$$
SpamFish # Open Free 250K 1K Newznab+ Good Quality NZB Site
pwnZB # Open Free 200K 1K Newznab+ Just Started.
Nzb-rss # 387073 Open Free 1K N/A Custom Basic Indexing Script
Newsbin2 # Dead n/a 0 0 Custom Dead Site Nov 2012
NZBMatrix # 372560 Dead n/a 0 0 Custom Dead Site Dec 2013
Merlins # 372560 Dead n/a 0 0 Vbulletin Dead Site May 2012
Nzbportal # 372560 Dead n/a 0 0 Custom Dead Site May 2011
NZBsRus # 5991243 Dead n/a 0 0 Custom Dead Site June 2013
NGIndex # 372560 Dead n/a 0 0 Custom Dead Site Apr 2011
NewNZB # Dead n/a 0 0 Custom Offline May 2013 # 3189568 Dead n/a 0 0 Custom Dead Site July 2013
FindNzbs # Dead n/a 0 0 Newznab+ Dead Site Oct 2013
Nbinz # Dead n/a 0 0 Newznab+ Dead site Apr 2013 # 7182858 Dead n/a 0 0 Newznab+ Dead Site Jan 2013
NZBS2Go # 318199 Dead Free ? ? Newznab+ Dead Site July 2014
NZB7 # 10264158 Dead n/a 0 0 Newznab+ Dead Site June 2013

NZB Site Summary Information ( Scroll up for Quick Grid Chart)

NZB Site Details
Oznzb Oznzb
NZB Files : 2500K Alexa Rank : 226214 Members : 1000 Price : Free/Paid Platform : Newznab+
Currently, the site goes back four and a half years and has more than 2,500,000 nzb releases on it. Oznzb has open registration available for the moment and there is no advertising material on the site.
Oznzb : Open
Review of Oznzb or Visit Oznzb
Usenet Crawler Usenet Crawler
NZB Files : 5000K Alexa Rank : 22543 Members : 10K Price : Free/Paid Platform : Newznab+
Public Newznab site that is advertiser supported. Over 10,000 Members and 5,000,000 NZB files indexed. Recommended
Usenet Crawler : Open
Review of Usenet Crawler or Visit Usenet Crawler
GingaDaddy GingaDaddy
NZB Files : 700k Alexa Rank : 185820 Members : 29670 Price : Free/Paid Platform : Newznab+
Under new management in late 2013, GingaDaddy is trying hard to build out a quality NZB site.
GingaDaddy : Open
Review of GingaDaddy or Visit GingaDaddy
NZBGrabit NZBGrabit
NZB Files : 191173 Alexa Rank : 109772 Members : 25507 Price : Free/Paid Platform : Vbulletin
Vbulletin based NZBGrabit is currently one of the fastest growing NZB sites. They launched in 2012 and have grown quickly. The forum operators appear to be very motivated in growing their user community and treating them right
NZBGrabit : Open
Review of NZBGrabit or Visit NZBGrabit
Nzbplanet Nzbplanet
NZB Files : 2000K Alexa Rank : 96317 Members : 110K Price : Free/Paid Platform : Newznab+
Nzbplanet  is a new automatized NZB indexer with over 2,000,000 NZB releases and 110,000 + members. NZBPlanet is working hard to get their site into good working order.
Nzbplanet : Open
Review of Nzbplanet or Visit Nzbplanet
NZBZombie NZBZombie
NZB Files : 1000K Alexa Rank : 6846268 Members : 6023 Price : Free/Donate Platform : Custom
NZBZombie is a NZB indexing site that offers always open registration, API and phpBB3 forums to its users. It's a customized Newznab site that indexes some of the most popular newsgroups and that has good retention rates.
NZBZombie : Open
Review of NZBZombie or Visit NZBZombie
NZB Files : 500K Alexa Rank : 198133 Members : 71903 Price : Free/VIG Platform : Vbulletin
Just when it seemed like NZB sites were dropping off at a startling rate, new sites have come up, offering some great features. Newsnab based site NZBGeek hasn't been available to the public for long, but it has been around enough on a more limited basis to have had a good shakedown cruise and to be ready for the general public.
NZBGeek : Open
Review of NZBGeek or Visit NZBGeek
NZB Files : - Alexa Rank : 299398 Members : - Price : - Platform : Newznab+
A new NZB search index that we found quite comprehensive.  If you have wanted to apply for but missed your chance then definitely check out new and upcoming   Dec 10th 2012. Temporarily closed. Recommendation: Signup to our mailing list to be notified when opens again and/or receive NZB site invites. : Closed
Review of or Visit
NZB Files : 2000K Alexa Rank : 53886 Members : 5K Price : Invite-Only Platform : Newznab+ is one of the older and more popular NZB indexing sites according to The only problem is that membership is closed and getting an invite is difficult, if not impossible. runs on the Newznab platform. Not Recommended. (Too difficult to get an invite and easier options exist.) : Closed
Review of or Visit
NZB Files : 1000K Alexa Rank : 107415 Members : 6K Price : Invite-Only Platform : Custom
Popular NZB site has shut down as of December 2012 : Closed
Review of or Visit
NZBFinder NZBFinder
NZB Files : 500K Alexa Rank : 1188367 Members : 5K Price : $20/Yr Platform : Newznab+
NZBFinder is an NewsNab based NZB indexing site located at They currently have indexed about 500,000 NZB's. The service advertises that they only index audio and high-quality video groups, so you don't have to worry about garbage NZBs clogging up your search results. Check them out.
NZBFinder : Open
Review of NZBFinder or Visit NZBFinder is a new NZB site that offers free and VIP registration. The webpage for the site lists the name as Nzbs2Go, but the domain is located at The site promises some real advantages, particularly to those USENET users who have grown frustrated with and sick of password protected RAR files and the other spam that tends to clog up the USENET.
Status : Closed since
NZB Files : 250K Alexa Rank : 1205557 Members : 3K Price : $10 Platform : Newznab+ indexes NZB files from some of the most popular video newsgroups out there and is making an effort to update those indexes very quickly. Membership is still open but, with 1,000 members already, you might want to get a membership before the site has to go invite only. : Open
Review of or Visit
Nmatrix Nmatrix
NZB Files : 1000K Alexa Rank : 400934 Members : 2K Price : $10 Platform : Newznab+
Nmatrix has been around since December 2012 and currently has approximately 900,000 releases in its indexes. Thus far, the site has managed to back fill one year of NZB files.
Nmatrix : Closed
Review of Nmatrix or Visit Nmatrix
NZB Files : 300K Alexa Rank : 9268192 Members : 2K Price : $10 Platform : Newznab+ is not aiming small. After NZBMatrix went down, the developers at got a bit upset and decided that they didn’t want to replace NZBMatrix; they wanted to make something that picked up where that site left off and offered something truly revolutionary. : Open
Review of or Visit
Nzbndx Nzbndx
NZB Files : 1800K Alexa Rank : 386479 Members : 2K Price : $12/Yr Platform : Newznab+
Quality Hardware with a Good Systems Administrator running this website. $12/year for VIP access. Registration is currently Open
Nzbndx : Open
Review of Nzbndx or Visit Nzbndx
NZB Files : 1000K Alexa Rank : 626300 Members : 2K Price : Free Platform : Newznab+

NZBid : Open
Review of NZBid or Visit NZBid
Newztown Newztown
NZB Files : 600K Alexa Rank : 841201 Members : 10K Price : Invite Platform : Newznab+
Newztown has been around for 2 years now and provides hundreds of thousands of NZB files to choose from. The site is filtered, so you don’t have to worry about porn or other spam content showing upon their indexes.
Newztown : Closed
Review of Newztown or Visit Newztown
NZB Files : 3750k Alexa Rank : 786379 Members : 1K Price : Free Platform : Newznab+
NZBGrab is a Newsnab site with a domain name based in Italy. They currently have 1,000 members and 3750k nzb files indexed. They opened their doors in early 2013 and have done a good job improving and expanding their service since then.
NZBGrab : Open
Review of NZBGrab or Visit NZBGrab
NZB Files : 1500K Alexa Rank : Members : 6K Price : $10/Yr Platform : Newznab+ has 6,000 nzb files. Their VIP membership is $15 a year. Check out our special redeem code to get an invite plus 3 months of free VIP usage. : Open
Review of or Visit
FTDWorld FTDWorld
Dead site as March 28th 2014. It was a Spot site not the typical Newznab site. Divided up into logical categories, the site allows you to browse through the latest uploads to a variety of different newsgroups and to see what’s available.
Status : Dead since January 2013
NZB Files : 400K Alexa Rank : Members : 1K Price : Free Platform : Custom
NewzNZB is a Newznab -based NZB site that has been in operation since 2012. The site currently has just more than 400,000 releases.
NewzNZB : Open
Review of NewzNZB or Visit NewzNZB
NZB Files : 1500K Alexa Rank : 5941914 Members : ? Price : Free Platform : Newznab+ is usually private, but they do occasionally open up and let new people onto the site. If you’re interested in joining, you’ll want to check during holidays to see if they have a special deal going when you can get membership. : Open
Review of or Visit
NZB Files : - Alexa Rank : 463610 Members : ? Price : $10/Yr Platform : Custom

AbbyGirl AbbyGirl
NZB Files : 100K Alexa Rank : Members : 1K Price : Free Platform : Newznab+

AbbyGirl : Open
Review of AbbyGirl or Visit AbbyGirl
NZB Files : - Alexa Rank : 959906 Members : 3K Price : Free Platform : Vbulletin is a forum site that provides links to audio book son USENET, allowing members to share their own finds whenever they have the urge. : Open
Review of or Visit
NZB Files : 2700k Alexa Rank : Members : 1K Price : Free Platform : Newznab+

UberNZB : Open
Review of UberNZB or Visit UberNZB
FileSharingTalk FileSharingTalk
NZB Files : 5K Alexa Rank : 79888 Members : 150K Price : Free Platform : Vbulletin
FileSharingTalk is an NZB site with human edited NZB file that are arranged in a forum type format.
FileSharingTalk : Open
Review of FileSharingTalk or Visit FileSharingTalk
NZB Files : 50K Alexa Rank : Members : 1K Price : $5/Mn Platform : Vbulletin
Started 2 months ago, is a new German NZB site, with its PC software, console and PC games in multi-language. They also index several German audio files and eBooks, as they started indexing Mobile-Androide and Mobile-IOS. They currently have 50, 000 release in the indexer without spam and viruses. : Open
Review of or Visit
NZB Files : 100K Alexa Rank : 14196923 Members : 4K Price : Free Platform : Newznab+
A german nzb site which focuses on books, video and audio files. : Open
Review of or Visit
NZB Files : No info Alexa Rank : 1343681 Members : No info Price : Donate Platform : Vbulletin
Formerly located at and was ported over to with the same layout and design that it had. : Open
Review of or Visit
DeepCave NZB DeepCave NZB
NZB Files : No info Alexa Rank : 12999902 Members : 500+ Price : Invite Platform : Newznab+
New USENET indexer for video binaries.
DeepCave NZB : Open
Review of DeepCave NZB or Visit DeepCave NZB
NZBHangout NZBHangout
NZB Files : no info Alexa Rank : 11848506 Members : no info Price : Donate Platform : Vbulletin

NZBHangout : Closed
Review of NZBHangout or Visit NZBHangout
NZB Files : 5000K+ Alexa Rank : Members : 1K+ Price : Free/Paid Platform : Newznab+
NNPBeta is an NZB provider, but they’ve done something different with their service that makes them quite interesting. In order to access this NZB indexer, you’ll have to do it over TOR.
NNPBeta : Open
Review of NNPBeta or Visit NNPBeta
Home of NZB Home of NZB
NZB Files : - Alexa Rank : 7052466 Members : - Price : Free Platform : Newznab+

Home of NZB : Open
Review of Home of NZB or Visit Home of NZB
Wambles Wambles
NZB Files : - Alexa Rank : Members : - Price : Free Platform : Newznab+
Wambles is a new NZB indexer. It runs on Newznab.
Wambles : Open
Review of Wambles or Visit Wambles
Donnies NZB Donnies NZB
NZB Files : - Alexa Rank : Members : - Price : Free Platform : Vbulletin

Donnies NZB : Closed
Review of Donnies NZB or Visit Donnies NZB
Nzbsooti Nzbsooti
NZB Files : 500K Alexa Rank : Members : 3K Price : Free Platform : Newznab+
Nzbscooti is a relatively new site, having been online for only about two weeks. The site offers a no-charge option for downloaders, however, and you can get a higher level of service by getting a membership to the site.
Nzbsooti : Open
Review of Nzbsooti or Visit Nzbsooti
SmackDownOnYou SmackDownOnYou
NZB Files : 250K Alexa Rank : 254685 Members : 4K Price : $15 Platform : Newznab+
SmackDownonYou is a NewzNab based site that is doing lots of advertising on Google Adwords. You might have seen them if you searched for USENET terms. They are expensive but they offer some shared USENET account that you can use. Read our review to see what users think.
SmackDownOnYou : Open
Review of SmackDownOnYou or Visit SmackDownOnYou
SpammedFish SpammedFish
NZB Files : 250K Alexa Rank : Members : 1K Price : Free Platform : Newznab+
SpammedFish is a new NZB site that’s set up under the UK domain Plans on taking it back over to open registration in the near future.
SpammedFish : Open
Review of SpammedFish or Visit SpammedFish
NZB Files : 200K Alexa Rank : Members : 1K Price : Free Platform : Newznab+
NZB indexer scene that seems to have quite a bit to offer. If you're not a gamer, the word "pwn" means to "own", as in dominate or excel. This provider is out there to offer users a clean interface and a service that is easy to understand. New Site -- Maybe down. Keep Checkin g Back : Open
Review of or Visit
NZB Files : 1K Alexa Rank : 387073 Members : N/A Price : Free Platform : Custom is a site that allows you to get information on all of the video files that have been uploaded to the newsgroups very quickly. It integrates with RSS feeds, allowing you to use it with newsreaders that have that functionality built into them.
NZB-RSS : Open
Review of NZB-RSS or Visit NZB-RSS
Newzbin2 Newzbin2
Newzbin was arguably one of the best NZB sites. They peaked in popularity in 2006. Newzbin invented the NZB file format which greatly helped the process of USENET search and distributing USENET binary files.
Status : Dead since November 2011
NZBMatrix NZBMatrix
NZBMatrix was one of the most popular NZB sites. They used a modified forum software. Unfortunately they closed their doors in Dec 2012
Status : Dead since December 2012
Merlins Portal Merlins Portal
 Merlin's Portal was a popular NZB forum using Vbulletin software. Merlin's portal opened and closed a few times over the years until they completely pulled the plug in mid 2012.
Status : Dead since April 2012
Nzbportal Nzbportal
NZBportal was never very popular to begin with and they closed their doors mid 2011. Not Recommended.
Status : Dead since May 2011
NZBsRus's has closed its doors effective June 2013. They also took all their members money and shut down without a word or refunds. Buyer Beware with NZB sites. Look elsewhere
Status : Dead since June 2013
NGIndex NGIndex
NGIndex has been down since the beginning of 2012.  No word if they will be online again.   Here is the message they have on their website. We have had a complete failure on our index servers hard disk array NGIndex looks to outdue other NZB site competitors with it's 800 Days of  retention for NZB files. They offer a paid NZB index and claim to have indexed over 1.5 million .NFO files Not Recommended.
Status : Dead since
NewNZB NewNZB was an indexing site with a small subset of news. The aim was to make searching a lot easier and caters for the prime-time market. Ancompletely automated indexer, with some AI/Fuzzy logic that strips out the useless posts to offer the user something close to an NZB site. CLOSED
Status : Dead since May 2013 has closed doors due to health problems of the owner. was quick to rise and quick to fall however they offered a good service while they lasted
Status : Dead since July 2013 had a quick rise and fall. They are shutdown as of late 2013. Check out UsenetReviewz NZB Site list for more options.
Status : Dead since October 2013 is a new NZB indexer that’s been online for roughly one month. The site has an index that goes back 1,600 days and has indexed over 300,000 NZB files as of the present.
Status : Dead since has been around for 2 years now and the site has impressive membership numbers of approximately 75,000, according to the developers. The developers say that they’re a dedicated bunch of Dutchies wanting to fill the empty void that remained after the shutdown of other NZB indexers.
Status : Dead since
Great NZB Site while it lasted .. Closed as of July 2014
Status : Dead since January 2013
NZB7 closed its doors June 2013.
Status : Dead since January 2013


By using NZB sites you will be able to download NZB files and/or use an NZB search engine to find what you are looking for on the Internet.

This list is updated weekly!  Bookmark us, follow us on twitter or signup to our email list.

Its worth mentioning that Newzbin (another popular NZB site again also closed)  was responsible for the creation and promotion of the NZB file format which has helped to streamline the process of sharing files on Usenet.  Newzbin is not to be confused with Newsbin which is a newsreader and not an NZB aggregation service.

For more about NZB files and Usenet downloading you could take a look at our tutorial series on how to download from Usenet.

Essentially you would need just three things. (You don’t need to know the internal details about an NZB file.)

Three Tips About Getting Started with NZB files

Using NZB files is a lot easier than you think so don’t be intimiated by the fact that they are XML files just setup up your Usenet newsreader to automatically import and process NZB files and you are done. The whole process of downloading is made a lot easier by using NZB files.

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