NZBCat Review

NZBCat Review
4 / 5
NZBCat Review
Rating 4 Stars
Price $15/Yr
Retention 1500 Days
Features 1 NZB & 10 APIs daily
$5/Year for VIP
500 NZBs & 5,000 API
Platform nZEDb

Online since 2014, NZBCat is an invite-only nZEDb NZB indexer. NZBCat currently boasts more than one million NZBs. If you want an invite to NZBCat, a $15 PayPal or Bitcoin donation is required.

NZBCat Highlighted Features

  • An nZEDb based, invite-only NZB indexer.
  • Free Account Invite Only
  • VIP Account $15
  • Retention – Unavailable
  • Indexer runs every 15 Minutes
  • No Ads
  • Forum for paying members
  • Invites with VIP membership
  • IRC: #nzbcat on
  • SabNZBD, NZBGet, Sonarr
  • SSL
  • Hardware details unavailable
  • Payment Options: Paypal, Bitcoin

Membership Levels for NZBCat

FreeInvite Only110NoNo
Donator$15 Minimum10005000YesYes

NZBCat Status

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NZBCat has a very generous VIP membership, but there is currently no option to join for free. The site’s high number of NZBs, 5,000 API calls for VIPs and 1,000 NZB downloads per day for VIPs makes it worth joining. The IRC channel availability should make it easy for novice users to get help as needed.

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3 Comments about NZBCat Review

  • Avatar of KingCat
    KingCat on

    A quick update: Free users get 10 API Searches and 1 NZB Download per day, VIP gets 5,000 & 1,000 respectively.

  • Avatar of Big Mac
    Big Mac on

    WAY outdated information
    Contributor level gets you 1000 API Searches Per Day 1,000 and 1,000 NZB Grabs Per Day
    VIP Level gets you 5,000 API Searches Per Day and 5,000 NZB Grabs Per Day.

    VIP Donations:

    1 Months of VIP: $6.00
    3 Months of VIP: $16.20 (10% discount over monthly price)
    6 Months of VIP: $28.80 (20% discount over monthly price)
    12 Months of VIP: $43.20 (40% discount over monthly price)
    Contributor Donations:

    1 Months of Contributor: $3.00
    3 Months of Contributor: $8.00
    6 Months of Contributor: $14.00
    12 Months of Contributor: $20.00

  • Avatar of Z
    Z on

    It’s been down for 4 or 5 days now. Didn’t see any maint notice in emails or otherwise. Anyone know what the status is?

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