NewZFinders Review

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2019

NewZFinders Review
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Features Dead Site

NewZFinders is a dead NZB site

Please see our list of best NZB sites for other alternatives

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NewZFinders is a freeware NZB Usenet search engine, made by ZProDuCTioN. In direct comparison with online search engines, it has more options and settings. It was originally created for French users so if you speak french, its probably worth checking out.

Main features

  • Up to 2500 results per search.
  • Multiple search criteria (minimum size and maximum, age maximum retention (up to 1000 days), can only see the complete archives, search only on selected groups (740 groups), search by Author, exclude a word search, exclude the possibility of items considered spam, whole words only)
  • Ability to see the collection of the item (if multiple files)
  • Ability of five simultaneous searches
  • Ability to delete items already downloaded the search results
  • Different color when the item has already been downloaded (blue)
  • Different color when the article is incomplete (red)
  • Allows you to create a list of favorite groups
  • Allows you to search through lists of pre-made group
  • Possibility of an internal search (filter) results in
  • Saving the names of research carried
  • Display information in a section of state bar

General features:

  • Free unlimited
  • Simple and advanced Interface
  • Software in French – English – Portugues
  • Ability to configure font
  • Updated regularly
  • Fast support and effective response to problem

Testing results and usage

Once you start an application, you are prompted to chose some basic settings.

Basic Settings

It is immediately visible that there are several translation gaps, where an applicaton language is a mix of all three languages available (French, English, Portugues). For example, there are phrases such as œles unsafe files will not affich, Rechercher than in the groups checked and similar.

NewZFinders has several search criteria (as mention above), which are visible on the following image:

Search Criteria

Once you type in the search term, select desired criteria and press enter, results appear in less than a second.

Select Results

Search results can be sorted further, depending on criteria selected column represents.

Filter Results

Furthermore, each search result can be viewed in more detail, as visible on the image below:

Search Detail

Finally, if you click twice on a particular file, default NZB downloader opens the file.

Altenatives To NewZFinders

Name NZBs Price
Oznzb 5 NZBs Daily $16/Year & $ 55/Life.
NZBFinder Free: 5 NZBs & 25 API Calls. 10, 20, 35 Euros.
DogNZB No Free Account $18/Year for VIP
NZBGrabit 10 Zip Dls / Day $15/Year & $35/Life
ABnzb 20 NZBs & 100 Calls $25/Year for VIP
OMGWTFNZBS No Free Account $10/Year for VIP
NZB Tortuga 5 NZBs a Day $6/Year for VIP
NZBGeek No Free Account $12/Year for VIP
GingaDaddy 3 API Hits/NZB Grabs $17/Year for VIP
Nzbplanet 5 NZBs Daily $10/Year for VIP

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