The Best NZB Sites of 2015

March 14, 2016

NZB sites come and go rather quickly. Some, however, do manage to stay up and running for a very long time. Even in such cases, some of those sites will be closed to registration, making it tough to find a place to download NZBs. Fortunately, we keep track of the best NZB sites out there.

We’ve put together a list of our top five NZB sites for 2015. Remember that you can sign up for a membership on more than one site and, sometimes, by using several free memberships, you can find most anything you want very easily. If you can’t afford a paid membership, it’s at least a way to get more out of the NZB sites you sign up with.


OzNZB has a great interface, has a free membership option and well over 250,000 NZB files to explore. The site is Newznab based, so it’s likely to be familiar to anyone who’s used NZB sites before. There’s also a forum and integration with several API-based downloaders, so it’s as feature rich as it is easy to use. A year of VIP membership will run you $16 on OzNZB.


6box.Me actually comprises three sites with more than 1M NZB files between them. It’s free to use but, if you want, you can make a donation. As a very cool feature on this site, your donation can go to a number of different charities. They don’t want your money; 6box.Me just wants to share NZBs.

Each of the three sites has a different version of Newznab running. If you don’t like one interface, feel free to swap to a different address and use another. API integration is available, but you’ll need a separate log on and key for each site.


NZBPlanet has two different membership options, but you don’t have to pay to access this site. This is an automated indexer, so the selection of NZBs won’t be as refined as it is on some other sites. That being said, this site has millions of NZBs to sort through, so you should be able to find whatever you’re looking for on here!

This is another Newznab-based site, so it’s going to be easy to figure out for most users. It even has previews of upcoming releases, which is definitely a nice feature. is a Newznab-based indexer that’s among the most popular NZB sites online. It’s got over 5,000 members at present and is completely free.

The downside is that you’ll need an invite to join and that can be mighty hard to come by. If you can, however, you’ll find that the indexes are taken care of enough to keep spam at bay and that anything you use to download is likely compatible with the API. If you’re sick of spam, it might be worth holding out for a membership to this site. requires an invite to join, but it’s great if you can get one. It has around 300,000 NZBs listed and a full VIP membership will only run you $12 per year.

The site has a hand-picked index, and that’s one of the best things you can have with an NZB site. It means far less spam to deal with and not eating up your bandwidth downloading fake or password-protected files. If you can get someone to float you an invite, is well worth your time.

We’re always interested in reviewing new NZB sites, so check back to see the latest and greatest. Don’t be afraid to let us know if you have a site or know of one you want reviewed!

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