How To Search Usenet

usenet searchOne of the biggest problems you will face when taking advantage of Usenet will be how to find what you are looking for aka searching Usenet. While Usenet has no central organization, depending on whom you ask more than 100,000 newsgroups .

Most of the action with regards to binary files take places in about 50 to 100 of the newgroups however downloading all the message headers from even these core Newsgroups can be time intensive way to search the web & Usenet.

You have a few solutions to resolve this situation. Here are three ideas.

  • Choose a GOOD newsreader with search integrated (Newshosting Newsreader is one such newsreader that has search built in ) then download all the recent and relevant headers from the newsgroups when you open your Newsreader. You will need a very GOOD newsreader as mentioned because this option uses a lot of memory. Although this is time intensive, this is the best way to search Usenet but can be limited by the capabilities of your computer as this strategy will NOT work for any of the free newsreaders. Review our  best usenet newsreaders here.
  • Signup for a service commonly referred to as an NZB site – there are many of these services out there. Here is an extensive list of the all the NZB sites out there. Almost all of them require payments. Only a handful are truly free.   NZB sites take a lot of data posted on USENET and help you sort through and search USENET.  Review our comparison of NZB sites to choose the best NZB site for you.
  • Another easier but less curated option is to use  USENET search engine to quickly search USENET. Sometimes you can quickly find what you are looking for. Create an NZB and download and import that NZB file with your newsreader to starting downloading a binary file from your Usenet service providers.  Recommendations for NZB search engines are constantly changing so be sure to check our list of Best USENET search Engines

Be sure to check out our comparison of the best NZB sites and read our article on Usenet search Engines for further reading.

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