NZBIndex Review

NZBIndex Review
4 / 5
NZBIndex Review
Rating 4 Stars
Price Free
Retention 1000 Days
Features Tag clouds to help w/
RSS search feature
Up to 250 results per
Platform Custom

NZBIndex offers an excellent and FREE service to help you search Usenet. While it isn’t perfect, it is one of our favorite Usenet search engines and best of all its free. NZBIndex is one of the most popular NZB indexing services with an Alexa ranking of 11,500 as of mid 2012. This means worldwide NZBIndex is approximately the 11,500th most popular website online.

The home page shows frequent searches which is nice if you are looking for some ideas to start with.

If you are interested in their current statistics you can go groups for the latest info but last time we checked NZBIndex had indexed 726 groups totaling 3.3 Petabytes of information!


No charge. NZBIndex is advertiser supported.

Additional Features

  • You can create an NZB file from your search result.
  • You can choose 25, 50, 100, 250 search results returned per page
  • You have the ability to mark results as spam and help improved the NZB search index.
  • The groups page shows the binary retention status of each indexed group.
  • DMCA takedown notice – if you see copyrighted material you can quickly assist in the this process.
  • RSS feeds available – RSS feeds are available so you can always be searching for your specific search terms.


NZBIndex is typically found in our list of top Usenet search engines for current rankings check here. Also if you like NZBIndex then be sure to check out our list of recommend NZB sites.

Favorite features of NZBIndex

  • RSS search feature
  • Up to 250 results per page
  • 1000 of binary search.

Located in the Netherlands. NZBIndex is available in dutch and in english. Here is a screenshot of how the website looks.

nzb index

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  1. ringofyre on October 17th, 2014

    Did a search for “Sweet krissy” got loads of rars with what looked like legit filenames containing windows exectables with same filenames. Some up to 9 months old.
    Trojan, virus or downloader – who cares, avoid like the plague.

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