Binsearch Review

Binsearch Review
4 / 5
Binsearch Review
Rating 4 Stars
Price Free
Retention 1100 Days
Features NZB file creation
SSL website access
RSS support
Platform Custom offers an excellent and free ( advertiser supported) Usenet search service. Presently, Binsearch allows you to search 1100 of binary Usenet data.

While it isn’t perfect Binsearch is fast and because of that Binsearch is one of our favorite Usenet search engine at the moment.

On the downside, sometimes you will get errors or won’t be able to find what you are looking for so you might have to do digging around on NZB sites or trying using a Usenet newsreader but as mentioned searching via Binsearch is quick.

Binsearch Popularity

Binsearch is the most popular Usenet search engine with an ranking of 3500. If you are unfamiliar with Alexa’s ranking this means that according to Amazon’s website popularity database (which is fairly accurate and up to the moment) Binsearch is the 3500th most popular website worldwide on the Internet.


As mentioned Binsearch is free or rather funded by advertisements.

Binsearch Features

  • NZB file creation – Quickly create NZB files
  • SSL website access  – searches and file downloads cannot be inspected.
  • Increasing retention levels – binary retention levels are kept here
  • Quick search of the top 400 + groups listed here –
  • RSS support – RSS
  • Watch Release Feature – Watch for an upcoming release

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Binsearch Status

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Alternatives to Binsearch

While we like Binsearch for a quick and easy search, it’s does have limitations especially for experienced Usenet users.  There are alternatives to Binsearch and the best place to start investigating the alternatives would be our list of best NZB sites or our list Usenet search engines (Binsearch usually ranks in the top for Usenet search but are alternatives)


Binsearch is one of the best Usenet search engine and it is definitely the most popular Usenet search engine around.  Binsearch is especially good when you are quickly searching for one binary file in particular. Binsearch has found a successful formula for helping usenet visitors and promoting their advertising brands and they haven’t changed anything in years. This isn’t bad but just don’t expect to see any new innovations for 2019.

That said, Binsearch does have it’s limits and if you are a heavy Usenet user it would be worth investigating other means of searching Usenet . Look to our list of best NZB sites or our list Usenet search engines for comparison purposes. You may find that using NZB sites in conjunction with software such as Sickbeard or Couchpotato more to your liking or you may find a NZB site community that you like.

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  • Avatar of Bob
    Bob on

    Binsearch used to be great but now has DMCA style takedowns with removed legitimate results marked as “spam”.

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