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Last Updated: Oct 17, 2023

NZBGet Review
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NZBGet “binary” downloader / USENET downloader runs on numerous platforms including desktops (Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac), mobiles (Android), routers, NAS devices, and media players. NZBGet especially performs well on low or under-powered devices, making it suitable for those with older computers or less powerful devices like a Raspberry PI. This software was written in C++ and uses few system resources.

Is NZBGet Still Active?

The GitHub repository for NZBGet was archived by owner HUGBUG on November 18, 2022, halting its updates. Despite the last update (21.1) being on June 3, 2021, NZBGet remains a powerful tool for downloading and processing NZB files.

NZBGet can be integrated with popular NZB sites to fetch and queue NZB downloads, as well as check them for duplicates.

Highlighted Features

Aside from its cross-platform capability and good security, NZBGet is a solid piece of software that has a lot of great features. Here are a few listed below.

  • Web Interface: Accessible and configurable clean interface.
  • Performance: Optimized for speed, uses little memory, suitable for low-end devices.
  • Automation: Supports automatic download, Unrar, Unpack, Par Repair, and Post Process.
  • Remote Control: Automated NZB downloads via RPC-API.
  • DeObfuscation: Speeds up the renaming process to restore lost filenames.
  • Flexibility: Compatible with media players, routers, and NAS devices.
  • RSS Filters: Fetches and queues NZB files from popular indexers.
  • News Server Management: Manages multiple news servers with varying priority levels.
  • Quick PAR-Verification: Integrated with the PAR2 recovery algorithm for efficient repair processes.
  • Retry Failed Articles: Allows re-download of missing file pieces instead of restarting the download.
  • Post-Processing Scripting: Automates actions post-download, like renaming files and extracting archives.
  • Comprehensive API: Provides complete access to its functionality, useful for third-party developers and NZBGet itself.
  • RSS with Duplicate Check: Robust RSS support for automated downloads with filtering and duplicate handling.
Nzbget Downloads List Nzbget Download Dialogue Nzbget Messages

Plans & Pricing

NZBGet is completely free to download and use. However, they encourage users to donate so that the developers can continuously improve the software and support management costs. You can either do a one time donation or an automatic monthly contribution. Simply go to their website and click the donate button. This would redirect you to a PayPal page with an option to either pay via PayPal or through debit or credit card.

Usage Overview

Upon testing, NZBGet runs smoothly and efficiently. The software does not take much of space from your device since it runs on through a web browser. The NZBGet interface has a pretty straightforward look, free from clutter and unnecessary tabs or confusing functions. It has a simple look which can be enjoyed even by the most novice of users.

Nzbget Interface


To install the program, download the appropriate package from the NZBGet homepage. There is an installer package available for all three popular platforms: Windows, MacOS, and Linux. For a more detailed installation process, see below:


  • Download NZBGet for Windows on the NZBGet website
  • Run set-up and install the program
  • Start NZBGet via start menu or desktop shortcut
  • NZBGet opens a browser window (web interface)


  • Download NZBGet for Mac on NZBGet website
  • Unpack the downloaded app
  • Start


  • Download installer package for Linux on the NZBGet website
  • Start installer from your terminal and run command (change the installer package file if necessary)
    • sh

NZBGet can also run on other systems like FreeBSD and POSIX. Their website has loads of information on how to install the software on other operating systems.


To configure settings according to your preference, go to the “setting” page of the program. There you will be able to find different sections to customize your download experience according to your needs.

You can configure your server settings with your appropriate provider information. And as previously mentioned, NZBGet supports multiple servers and multiple connections.

Nzbget Settings Nzbget Server Settings

You can also customize your search settings as well as edit your downloads.

Nzbget Quick Search Settings Nzbget Edit Download

Scheduling & Automation

One good feature of NZBGet is that it enables you to automate your downloads, do par-repair if needed, unpack and post-process your files. And through powerful RSS filters, it is able to check for duplicates and fetch NZB files automatically from your favorite indexer.

NZBGet also has a built-in scheduler that allows users to switch servers on and off on certain times, days or weeks. This enables you to control which servers to use in a given time frame.


With its simple and clean interface, NZBGet provides its users a more convenient and simplified way of downloading NZB files from Usenet. It is virtually clutter-free, making it very usable and easy to navigate. The limited number of tabs available on the web interface allows users to easily control what they do, and with settings fully configurable, you can customize your download experience based on what your preference is.

The settings page of the program has multiple sections from news servers, security, categories, incoming NZBs to logging, scheduling and post-processing scripts. You can also view the status of your activity and of the program itself to know how things are going.

Nzbget Stats

Aside from that, the NZBGet website provides enough information to support questions and inquiries of the ever-curious Usenet users. Their website has an active forum page where you can get extension scripts, read announcements, discuss with other users and find add-ons that you can use.

Their website also has a forum page where users can get information on support, extension scripts, announcements, features discussion and third-party add-ons.


Thank you for the update. Based on the latest information and the comparison data collected, here’s a revised comparison of NZBGet and SABnzbd:

  • Speed and Efficiency:

    • NZBGet, written in C++, is known for better multithreading and uses fewer system resources compared to SABnzbd which is written in Python, making it faster in runtime, especially on older or less powerful hardware.
  • Customization and Features:

    • NZBGet was praised for building on many features that SABnzbd offered and was in active development until it was deprecated in November 2022. On the other hand, SABnzbd, while releasing changes periodically, is now the one under active development..
  • File Transfer Notification:

    • Both programs have a feature to sense the availability of files when an NZB is placed in a watch folder, but SABnzbd performs better in this aspect using a protocol called iNotify which doesn’t require constant re-scanning of the folder unlike NZBGet’s system.
  • User Interface & Experience:

    • Both NZB downloaders have clean and sleek interfaces. However, some users prefer the widgets on NZBGet although the preference can vary from user to user
  • Compatibility with Indexers:

    • There is no significant advantage of one over the other when it comes to using these downloaders with indexers. The process is straightforward for both: find an indexer, download the NZB, and load it through their “Add NZB” button
  • Compatibility with Devices:

    • Both work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. NZBGet is light enough to run efficiently on Raspberry PI and Synology SAS devices. SABnzbd is compatible with Synology and QNAP NAS devices but isn’t as lightweight as NZBGet .
  • Remote Control:

    • Both programs allow users to control the interface from a mobile device and communicate with third-party apps like CouchPotato and Sonarr, Radarr, etc.
  • Development Status:

    • As of November 2022, NZBGet has been deprecated whereas SABnzbd continues to be under active development.

In conclusion, while NZBGet had a speed and efficiency advantage especially on less powerful devices, its deprecation leaves SABnzbd as the actively maintained option among the two.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about NZBGet

Certainly! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about NZBGet:

  1. What is NZBGet?

    • NZBGet is a binary downloader, which is used to download files from Usenet servers based on NZB files (which are an index of Usenet articles).
  2. How do I install NZBGet?

    • You can download NZBGet from its official website and follow the installation instructions for your respective operating system (Windows, Linux, or MacOS).
  3. Is NZBGet free?

    • Yes, NZBGet is free to use, but donations are encouraged to support its development.
  4. Which platforms are supported by NZBGet?

    • NZBGet supports a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and more. It’s known for its ability to run on low-powered devices like Raspberry Pi.
  5. How do I configure NZBGet?

    • After installation, you can configure NZBGet via its web interface. You’ll need to set up your Usenet server details, and from there you can customize your download settings.
  6. Why choose NZBGet over other Usenet clients?

    • NZBGet is known for its high efficiency and speed, utilizing minimal system resources. It also has a user-friendly interface, and it supports automation and customization through its settings and scripting.
  7. Is NZBGet still under active development?

    • As of November 2022, NZBGet has been deprecated and is not under active development.
  8. What are some alternatives to NZBGet?

    • SABnzbd is a popular alternative to NZBGet. There are also other Usenet clients like GrabIt, Newsbin Pro, and Usenet Wire.
  9. How do I troubleshoot issues in NZBGet?

    • NZBGet had a forum on its official website where users could ask questions however this is closed now. There’s also a documentation section on the website for reference.
  10. How does NZBGet handle failed downloads?

    • NZBGet has features like Retry Failed Articles which allows re-downloading of missing file pieces instead of restarting the download from scratch.
  11. How do I update NZBGet?

    • Before its deprecation, updates were released on the official website and could be installed manually. Now, since it’s no longer under active development, there won’t be any new updates.

These are general FAQs, and for more specific or technical queries, the documentation on its official website would be a good resource.


NZBGet is a popular NZB downloader for good reason. With its wide array of features and clean-looking interface, a lot of users have depended on NZBGet as their downloader of choice.

However, this NZB downloader has often been compared to another popular program, SABnzbd, both of which perform well and are likely chosen by users just depending on preference. And while NZBGet is regarded as less user-friendly than SABnzbd, NZBGet would probably be the better option for you if you have a low or under-powered machine.

Hopefully some programmer will take over development of NZBGet so that it can continue serving the USENET community.

Visit NZBGet
Visit NZBGet

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