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  1. Skywalker
    October 31, 2010

    I love sabnzbd! I found a very convenient way to push something in the download queue from wherever I am (as long as I have internet;-)):
    I use http://www.feederator.org to manage RSS feeds that my sabnzbd at home subscribes to. First you have to add one of those RSS feeds to Feederator. Once you created a new feed you will automatically get a new address for that feed (something like “feederator.org/feeds/skywalker/nzb” in my case), but you decide which download posts make it to that outgoing feed. With one click on “publish” the download appears this outgoing feed. As soon sabnzbd starts reading this feed for the next time it will start downloading…
    By the way: you need a valid Google Account to log into Feederator, since it Authenticates with Google credentials…

  2. Arto65
    December 28, 2010

    1) sabnzbd is one of the only usenet client that will run on a nas. The nas will download and unpack the archives for you.
    2) Compatible mobile apps. Mynzb on iphone is great: You can search on your phone and seamlessly send the command to your computer/nas to download the nzb.
    3) integration with nzbmatrix and Newzbin. Downloads can then be renamed, sorted in categories… From the information on the website.
    4) other integrations: xbmc, Sickbeard…

  3. John
    August 16, 2011

    I cant even subscribe to a newsgroup from my news provider. I dont need other feeds. What kind of reader is this?

  4. Jypy
    April 25, 2014


    I’ve made this usenet client working on IOS. You need a jailbroken device.

    More info on my http://www.jypy.eu

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