Sonarr Review

Last Updated: May 13, 2019

Sonarr Review
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Sonarr** is the new name for NZBDrone, a highly regarded product that allows you to automatically download video content from USENET. The developers decided to change the name, which does have the happy result of eliminating the NZB from the moniker; a label which is certain to make any type of software a target for the copyright cartels.

The new name was the result of a contest that NZBdrone held, allowing users to choose the best name available. In addition to getting rid of the NZB in the name – which also confuses some users – the new name should have good search engine optimization properties and can be easily used as a domain name, making it likely a good choice.

You’ll find the new domain located at, and any requests you make to domains associated with NZBDrone will now be redirected to the new domain. At the moment, they feature a big splash page and an announcement of the name change. If you’re not familiar with what is now called Sonarr, here are the basics.

What It Does

Sonarr is a PVR that allows you to automatically download content from USENET. It can read RSS feeds and, when it finds something that you have set up the program to look for, it will download the latest content related to that feed.

There is quite a bit of flexibility built into this program. For example, if you want a specific quality of video, you can set up the program so that it will look for the highest level of quality you want. If you want standard definition video, it will download it as soon as it finds it. If you want Blu-ray quality video, it will skip the standard definition version and keep looking for a higher quality.

Once you set Sonarr up, you really don’t have to do much to get your shows. It will keep looking for them and downloading them as they become available. It also integrates with the very popular USENET downloader SABnzbd, so you get the full functionality of that downloader with the Sonarr PVR, which can make it a lot easier for people to manage their downloads and their shows.

In 2015, Sonarr switched to using Tvdb from Trakt because of compatibility problems with collecting metadata.

Sonarr agregates data from a number of different sources including TVDB, TVRage and TMDB.

Sonarr has a slick new name, but it’s still the same reliable product that people have become used to, if they were NZBDrone users. The difference is that they won’t have to explain to anyone what an NZB is anymore and, from a marketing standpoint, the new name is probably a lot catchier.

If you do use USENET, Sonarr is definitely something to download and try out, just to see if you like it.

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