How To Get What You Want On Usenet

If you are a user of the internet and you want to find something online it really is a simple process. Go to a search engine and type in your query. The search engine will go through its information and find the pages that most closely match what your query is. The Usenet is not quite so simple. free usenet There are search programs that you can use but it will not really cater for specific questions.

Say you want to ask a question on what is the best way to get your dog to take a pill. Instead of typing in a search, the best way to get a specific answer is to post to an appropriate newsgroup asking the question and to let people who are experienced and are members of the group answer the question for you.

The great thing that you will find with the Usenet is that it really is a friendly community and asking a question will quickly get an answer as there are plenty of people in the community that will be glad to help.

So you have your question and you need to post it, but you need to find the right newsgroup. After all, there is no point posting a question about giving medicine to animals in a computer group! You need to find an appropriate newsgroup. The easiest way of course is to find a group where the name is self explanatory.

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You may see a group named talk.vets and you can be pretty sure that there will be someone in that group who can answer your question! Sometimes it is not as easy as that and you do not want to waste time scrolling through the lists of groups to find one.

First off, you want to reduce the number of groups that you want to look through, so you can start by looking to the Big 8. There are categories that you can pretty much dismiss right from the start. With our question we can be sure that we will not find vet help in comp, humanities, news, alt or soc. Our best choice would be sci, talk and misc. You can remove well over 60% of groups right off by knowing what categories are most likely to hold the group you need.

If this doesn™t help, then you could try Google groups. If you practice with the advanced search you can find that it will really help in locating different groups on the Usenet. This is not an ideal solution but it can yield results.

Another method is to check if your news server has a search facility. A lot of them do have a simple search for keywords and this can really bring you great results if you are in a hurry.

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