2013 Best Usenet Client Search Award

May 31, 2017

2013-Best-Usenet-Client-Search-AwardThis category is for the search engines that are integrated into the various Newsreaders. The engine must be fast, have lots of filters, and have the ability to look as far back in retention as a provider may keep. Ease of use and extra features also weighs in, but not as heavily as some of the other stats. After much deliberation, and multiple votes on the matter, Newshosting Newsreader and Newsbin Newsreader are deadlocked for the Client Search Award. It’s unusual for ties to occur in our awards, but this year there has been a few…and even a three-way tie. Here’s what the judges had to consider when they tallied their votes…

Newshosting Newsreader

One of the fastest and most powerful search engines available, period. There are filters for just about any parameter you could want, a parental setting, long retention searches, and returned results are controllable, i.e. list by age, size, etc. As the search is integrated into the client, SSL is supported. The Newsreader itself is full featured, and comes free with a Newshosting account, and supports thumbnails, previewing, and even NZB creation in client, in case you want to use another Newsreader to download. The automated functions include unpacking, repairing, (if needed,) and scheduled downloading. Also, there are Windows, Linux, and Mac versions.

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Newsbin Newsreader

After making a few adjustments to their Newsreader, we found the search speed had improved, too. It will search more than 1,600 days of retention, has all of the most popular filters and returned results options, and supports multiple provider accounts. The recent changes in handling headers to reduce RAM usage, and optimizations for multi-processors, brought this Newsreader out of the shadows. The reader supports SSL, IPv6, thumbnails, and previewing, but only comes in Windows 32 and 64 bit versions.

Staff Preferences

Our Voting Editors generally keep the subjective factors and personal biases to a minimum by giving these factors less weight. But, in some of the categories this is inevitable. This was the case, this year, for the 2013 Best Client Search Award. And, it was these small idiosyncrasies that brought about this tie. As far as the non-subjective factors, speed, number of filters, etc., both of these Newsreader searches ran neck in neck.

Which one of the Newsreaders would you have voted for? Tell us, and give us your suggestions and tips on all things Usenet. Send a tweet to: @usenetreviewz.

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