UsenetHub Review

UsenetHub Review
4 / 5
UsenetHub Review
Rating 4 Stars
Price Free
Retention 300 Days
Features Indexing for fast search
Mobile responsive search
Similar to Easynews
Platform Custom / GetNZB

UsenetHub is sponsored by GetNZB. The service doesn’t have very many files added to it yet, but they are adding files on a daily basis and it is a new service, so some flexibility in this regard is merited.

The service is based on an indexing system created by the developers themselves, which they describe as an innovative and intelligent USENET browser. This system allows you to preview videos, to take a look at screenshots if there are images in the binaries that you are after and, additionally, it will also analyze the file to make certain that it is ready for download. Content is moderated and this helps to avoid spam and other undesirable content from showing up on the index.

The Service

UsenetHub is run by four people who are all friends. They are all professional programmers who have known each other since childhood. All of them are employed in IT working for different companies and UsenetHub is a hobby that they set up for themselves.

They pride themselves on being able to eliminate fakes and other undesirable content from their indexes, making it easier for users to pick up binaries that are actually what they are looking for, rather than picking up binaries that are only spam. This service also has a nice feature for people who want to be able to access whatever type of content they’re looking for, but who do like some filtering. UsenetHub does have adult content available, but this content is labeled and kept separate from the general content. This makes it a lot easier to find family-friendly content if that’s what you’re looking for.

Tech Info

According to the developers, what separates this particular site from others is that it is new, innovative and that great pains have been taken to make certain that undesirable files are not available on the indexes. There is some truth to this as, as anyone with USENET access can attest, there is a great deal of spam on the USENET system and having an indexer that makes the effort to get rid of it is certainly desirable.

UsenetHub is worth keeping an eye on to see how the site evolves over time and to see what it’s like once there are more files available in the indexes. Right now, we would likely prefer easynews, but people with a good idea and a good system do deserve a chance, so take a look at UsenetHub and make sure to see where they go in the future. Also look to our list of best NZB sites or our list Usenet search engines for comparison purposes.

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3 Comments about UsenetHub Review

  • Avatar of chang
    chang on

    Hmm, this is ja really something new 🙂 I never saw something similar. They guys make good works, as it seems to me. But please add more movies, not just tv series! And for me personally some more asian film 🙂

  • Avatar of maroon
    maroon on

    Very interesting concept! The idea to have a resource where only verified nzb files will be available is amazing, but the site should have a better choise. As I see on usenethub only adult area is very good. The general content as a poor choise, only old tv series, almost no movies – so index, index and one more time index!

  • Avatar of andreas
    andreas on

    The site is amazing. The adult section is my favourite one! Really daily updates as I visit it rather often and always new content appear. The general section has low content in my eyes! But the site is a real innovation in my eyes cause I do not know any similar usenet search website

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