SmackDownOnYou Review

SmackDownOnYou Review
2 / 5
SmackDownOnYou Review
Rating 2 Stars
Price $15/Yr
Retention 1065 Days
Features Many negative comments
Standard Newznab+ Site
Dead Site
Platform Newznab+

Smack Down on You is a VIP-only site. Registration is open for the moment, but there are no free account options at this NZB indexer. offers lifetime and yearly memberships with farm-level access. Open registration may close down on this site in the near future.

smackdown on you Highlighted Features

  • Pay Only NZB Indexer
  • Free Account No Free Membership
  • VIP Account Varies, Up to Farm Access and Unlimited API
  • Retention – over 1065 days of binary
  • Approximately 150 groups crawled
  • Indexer runs every 30 seconds
  • No Ads
  • Dead/Passworded NZB Reporting
  • Invites: Not Required
  • IRC: No
  • Integrations: Sickbeard, Couchpotato, Headphones, etc.
  • Privacy: SSL
  • Hardware details: Not Disclosed, Located Offshore
  • Moderated Forums
  • Payment: Credit Cards

Membership Levels for

Free Donator
Price N/A $60-125
NZBs Daily N/A Unlimited
Invites N/A 0
API Calls N/A Unlimited
Forum Access N/A Yes


For most casual users, might be a bit over the top in terms of access. The site goes all the way to unlimited API hits and farm access. However, if you’re a very heavy NZB downloader, this site might be for you. This is a moderated, spam-free, pay-only indexer with extensive downloader integration and customized software.

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50 Comments about SmackDownOnYou Review

  • Avatar of RobSys
    RobSys on

    This is what is now a standard NZB collator using the same software that everybody does and they charge seriously(!) for the privilege.

    They do not appear to update their listings in most of the groups. Some, like a.b.e-book have not been updated in 18 weeks!

    This is ridiculous for a paid site!

    This mob is definitely NOT RECOMMENDED!

    You can do better and cheaper elsewhere…

  • Avatar of mistercrunch
    mistercrunch on

    I paid for the service and it stopped working. I contacted the site admin about it and didn’t get an answer.

    The admin also sends a lot of email to try to get you to pay more for extra services. So anyhow, pass on that one. Free ones are better.

  • Avatar of johnDee
    johnDee on


    They have started to ask for $50 extra to add some services on top of what existing users pay for. But they havn’t delivered. I know of several who have complained and asked for money back but they didn’t get it. Instead they had their whole account deleted – even forum postings!
    I think this may be a scam.
    At the very most only pay for short term because with so many disgruntled users they are going to be reported and slated around the forums and the copyright protection agencies. I can’t see them being around for long.

  • Avatar of Neil
    Neil on

    i dont know what problems you are having johnDee but i upgraded my account and i have gotten the extra services for it

    site works great for me Highly recommended

  • Avatar of jessered
    jessered on


    Either the site owner or I have different expectations as to the meaning of the word “immediately”. Paypal has been paid and have not received an invite yet.

  • Avatar of zebulon
    zebulon on

    This is a scam site! Warning!! They will take your money and rip you off! 50 bucks for unlimited user- no delivery and no answer on support mails. Im not alone either to being fooled..

  • Avatar of cenotaph
    cenotaph on

    Avoid them. Sent bitcoin, no immediate reply as promised on web site. No reply from contact email address No reply from djp in sickbeard forums who claims to be the owner of the site.

  • Avatar of nez
    nez on

    I have registered and decided to take a chance with them. I paid for the VIP access. And with in a few hours I had my status changed. But I have see a lot of people having issues a few weeks after I paid having issue with getting their status changed, it seams to be a hit or miss.
    But the money I paid it has been more then well worth it , for all the new backup sites they have added. I am able to complete a lot of files I wasn’t able to before. Last time I counted I think they are up to 70 backup account to be used. And 90% of the searches i do i come up with the content i was looking for.

  • Avatar of GizDrak
    GizDrak on

    This site was great when it first came out I was one of the first to get access to the site when it first came a long to replace nzbmatrix. I donated $50 at that time for unlimited access. 6 or so months go by and they ask for another $50 saying that it will give us unlimited API calls and downloads something I thought we all already head but I guess I was wrong. it also promised backup newsgroup server to use as a added feature that did not go so well took a while for that to all work then it worked for a while then broke again then worked again was a pain. I should cut my losses and left the 2nd time they asked for money but I liked the site and it worked for what I needed. BUT now here we are almost 6 months later and this is the email I get.

    Dear SDoY User,

    Your account is set to expire within the next 30 days, which is why you are receiving this message. As discussed before, the annual charge is ready to be processed and will need to be taken care of in a timely manner to avoid service interruptions. Once again thank you for being a loyal customer to us, and without your support and annual fees we wouldnt be able to keep the doors open on this place. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this e-mail as it is a monitored address, and allow us up to 24 hours for a reply.

    You can make your annual renewal payment by clicking here

    You will also see an alert message on our homepage alerting you of the due fees.

    Thank You (SDoY Admin)

    So yeah to keep the access I have already put $100 in to having I have to spend another $125 to renew. I do not think so this is just uncalled for and insulting to everyone who has been a member of the site since day one.

    I am moving on and I would advise anyone to stay away from this site a less they just have money to throw at the screen.

  • Avatar of Jax
    Jax on

    What GizDrak said above is absolutely true. I got the same message out of nowhere saying I needed to renew my account after about 6 months of having the highest level account.

    Right when they sent out that notice they also took down their forums so people couldn’t discuss it.

    Then today I log in and my account is suspended! So much for getting 30 days notice. I’m out. This site promises much more than they can deliver, are asking for lots more money than other sites, and didn’t even provide a full year of service for paid accounts.

    Stay away.

  • Avatar of Jan Klaassen
    Jan Klaassen on

    This site is a ripoff. They charge a lot of money for so called unlimited accounts. When they want more money, all of a sudden it is just an annual (or less) account, with limited access

    Stay clear of this POS.

  • Avatar of Peter
    Peter on

    As others have mentioned. This site is now about churning new members and getting $$ out as much as they can. Their “unlimited” options are expensive and last less than a year. Not recommended.

  • Avatar of Deviant Khan
    Deviant Khan on

    I signed up with this site when it first went online asking for $10 donations. I donated $20. When they started asking $50 for backup UseNet accounts I waited a while, and eventually contributed to that as well. This was 10/12/2013. My account suddenly expired 12/07/2013 asking for an additional $75 to renew. I made 4 attempts to contact them with no response.

  • Avatar of Vinny
    Vinny on

    As others have said, do not sign up or give these guys any money. I had a “lifetime” account as I signed up when they originally were opening. I also got the message that my account needed payment and has been closed. As expected, no responses from them either. Based on the comments here I hope this site crashes and burns very soon.

  • Avatar of player1ready
    player1ready on

    Same here, I had a lifetime membership and out of the blue my account has been disabled.

    Support emails go unanswered, time to move on i think, just a shame they got my money.

  • Avatar of john Smith
    john Smith on

    Dont go near this site. I had a lifetime VIP membership i bought at the start and like many other they out of the blue disabled my account.

    They are scum.

  • Avatar of Joe Sol
    Joe Sol on

    Same deal here. Signed up in Feb 2013, they disabled my account at the end of december and started sending emails 15 days after my account was disabled saying I had to renew. They killed my account in less then a year, based on the many other reviews I have seen on this NZB site short changing users for allot of money I would stay well away from them. The operator obviously has no morals. Now that I have been looking at other newznab based sites, they were not offering anything special anyway.

  • Avatar of Christopher
    Christopher on

    They disabled my “lifetime” account, due to me not giving them more money? I bought my account thinking lifetime meant more than just 10 months.

    These guys (or just one guy) are scammers. All they did was ask for more donations throughout the year. Avoid completely. They often thought they were as good as nzbmatrix, precisely the opposite.

  • Avatar of Mar Brock
    Mar Brock on

    This is a site not any better and not as good as some ripping folks off its sad to see ,dont they make enough if they did what they say they do they would be rich

  • Avatar of Stew
    Stew on

    I paid for lifetime VIP account 1 year ago and 4 weeks ago they locked me out saying I owed them more money. I thought it was a mistake because they have been trying their best to sell everyone on their usenet server farm access that they have put together. I don’t need their usenet servers as I am happy with my own but they have basically terminated my being able to use my lifetime VIP account now. Not very nice and not very cool of them since the email I got when I first signed up thanked me for contributing to them buying new servers and getting their business started. I have left several emails to their admin as well as sent an email to the person who took my PayPal payment and have received no reply from them. Oh well – I am off to find a new nzb usenet indexing service and they won’t have me or these other folks as customers anymore. Too bad for them.

  • Avatar of daragh
    daragh on

    complete and utter ripoff, there farm service never worked an d there support never answers, stay away from them!!

  • Avatar of Synntax
    Synntax on

    Guys are scammers site has gone down hill and now has asked me to renew when I paid for a lifetime…less than 10 months. They don’t respond to email or the forums. But keep asking for money anyways. Stay clear of this trash.

  • Avatar of Mr Winkie
    Mr Winkie on

    This site should be listed as “Dead” with a warning to all not to attempt paying for membership. My “lifetime” membership and subsequent “donations” to keep the site going were not honored. Site tells me I need to pay for membership now.

  • Avatar of David
    David on

    I am in the very same position. I purchased a lifetime membership thinking lifetime meant lifetime. I was shocked to see that they deactivated my account. This is a SCAM site…AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!! There are other better sites out there that are not scammers. darthman

  • Avatar of Mr Winkie
    Mr Winkie on

    Disabled my account even though I paid for a lifetime membership. Questions to support go unanswered.

    DO NOT SIGN UP for this site, you have been warned.

    Index goes down on a regular basis for long periods of time (months!). There are better free sites.

  • Avatar of Daryl Polo
    Daryl Polo on

    This is my site – and I am operating it as I see fit. As a Russian — there never is a Lifetime of anything – and even if there was — whose lifetime? Think of this site as Chernobyl — it still exists — it may be toxic – but there are still those that will insist on living there. If you don’t like the service — feel free to use any other site you like – you won’t be missed.

  • Avatar of Frugal not Cheap
    Frugal not Cheap on

    Like everyone else — signed up for “Lifetime VIP” Did not know that lifetime varies at the whim of the owner.

    Emails go unanswered — but I receive at least 1 a week continuously begging for more $$$ – which thankfully I never gave — and then account disabled for not paying an annual fee.

    I did not even get a year out of it.

    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED — there are enough comments above that should serve as a warning to stay away from this site — and any other that this scam artist my decide to open.

    Giving him your credit card number should scare you given the apparent lack of business ethics and personal morals.

  • Avatar of Marion Marshall
  • Avatar of Rastan
    Rastan on

    This site is a joke and so is he!!!! I Paid for full VIP, used for a while and then out of the blue my account was disabled wtf!!! Stay away you have been warned. This guy is a low life, useless sack of s**t and also a pathetic theif.

  • Avatar of Scott
    Scott on

    Like everyone else — I signed up for “Lifetime VIP” Did not know that lifetime varies at the whim of the owner.

    I have emailed several times and they go unanswered — No notice or emails from them at all logged on 2 weeks ago setup sickbeard to work with it as they sugest and now disabled within a day.

    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED — there are enough comments above that should serve as a warning to stay away from this site.

  • Avatar of Mark
    Mark on

    I paid for a lifetime membership $50, and they canceled my membership just a few months later and asked me to pay again. Total scam site. STAY AWAY

  • Avatar of exoticatom
    exoticatom on


    out of the blue my account is disabled.
    I have paid for VIP membership and for some additional stuff they offered.
    some XX$….

    since 2 weeks my account is disabled out of blue and no one answer my emails with explanation.

    I dint share my account or did anything which conflicts with any policy.
    Actually for the last 2 weeks (as I was on vacation) didnt use my account at all.

    my advice-stay away.

    just check how arrogant those ppl are:

    “Daryl Polo on April 11th, 2014
    This is my site – and I am operating it as I see fit. As a Russian — there never is a Lifetime of anything – and even if there was — whose lifetime? Think of this site as Chernobyl — it still exists — it may be toxic – but there are still those that will insist on living there. If you don’t like the service — feel free to use any other site you like – you won’t be missed.


  • Avatar of nzbinsider
    nzbinsider on

    Site is a scam for stealing money. Do not sign up! They also cancelled my “lifetime” membership asking for annual renewal, and I haven’t been a member for a full year yet! Stay away. Sign up with a solid reputable service such as nzbgeek.

  • Avatar of Stew
    Stew on

    I paid for a lifetime VIP membership – have the PayPal receipt to prove it
    Yet they cancelled my subscription after 1 year and continue to send me emails trying to get me to pay to sign up again.
    Good Luck with that – They refuse to answer my emails as well

  • Avatar of GBent
    GBent on

    I purchased the premium service for $75 which entitles me to “lifetime access”. The several days ago my login was disabled claiming that I owe an annual renewal fee:

    “Your Smackdown API Access Has Been Revoked and Is Pending Deletion.”

    I’ve emailed them several times. The only response I get is a form letter and a link to renew my account. Clearly, I’ve been scammed. Don’t let this happen to you.

  • Avatar of AncientWisdom
    AncientWisdom on

    Site is a scam! sign up at your own peril. Like other commentors I have paid for “lifetime” access but am now being bombarded with emails about my account being revoked and that I must pay etc. etc. I have emailed them but received no response.

    Much better sites out there, skip this one.

  • Avatar of Sorrenson
    Sorrenson on

    Updat for review of site is now complete scam , it shuts down indexing for a week at a time . The operator has not paid for extended news servers that do not work abut continues to sell the service

    The sites forums are full of complaints from members who signed up for 15 dollars and credit cards are billed 150. I posted to the people how to charge-back as the site is not giving refunds.. needless to say the operator killed my account

    lifetime accounts last days ..

    it now appears that the site is a cash grab , avoid like plague now .it appears to be a fraud site now..too was good for a bit

  • Avatar of John
    John on

    Ok, as you’ve all heard Smackdownonyou is a Scam.

    As with a lot of users, I also received an e-mail saying my account was disabled and I had to pay… Excuse me? I bought a lifetime access.

    Stay away, they’ll scam you, that’s guaranteed.

  • Avatar of Bob
    Bob on

    Ok, some interesting reviews above, so let me share my experience.

    I bought a 1 yr subscription that was well above the basic at the start, despite having no real idea what I was going to get extra. TBH I didn’t care, I just wanted to help the site grow, so gave a little extra.

    I actually loved the site. The favourites thing is great and saves a lot of time hunting about. I also like the look of it compared to others.

    So everything was fine for ages. Then after a period of time it would either completely shutdown for days end no reason (and IIRC, no reason was ever given), or there would be no updates for days on end. As I write this there have been no updated NZBs for 5 days.

    It’s categorically not a scam, although I wouldn’t risk buying more than a modest subscription, cos you never know.

    I love the site. I just wish there less of these “dead” times. I have to resort to other sources to get my shit.

    Also, someone mentioned forums….what forums?

    Out of 10…, probably 5. Because of all the downtime.

  • Avatar of Bob
    Bob on

    I just read a few more posts. Ok, you might want to not do the lifetime thing. But tbh, I dont see why anyone would do that anyway, with what happened to matrix and…whatever the good one I used before that was called.

  • Avatar of Burned SDOY User
    Burned SDOY User on

    Do NOT under any circumstances give SDOY any money. He cancels VIP accounts. He canceled my annual account nine months into the terms.

  • Avatar of ElC
    ElC on

    Same as everyone else, paid for lifetime now it’s expired, still getting their spam begging for more of my money months later, they’re complete scammers, time for the ‘editors’ to update their rating.

  • Avatar of Brian
  • Avatar of Defrauded
    Defrauded on

    Sorry, Bob, this categorically is a scam.

    I (like many others) paid for an invite, paid more for lifetime access, and had my account disabled within a year. That’s called a scam. Was I expecting this site to be up in 20 years? No. But I was giving them money when they were new and trying to help.

    To top it off, indexes are frequently out of date by days or weeks. They advertise “Usenet Indexed Every 30 Seconds”.

    Stay away.

  • Avatar of Steve Martin
    Steve Martin on

    Admins are sleazy and I was ripped off. I paid $10 early on for lifetime access when they just started and then after a few months I had my account restricted until I paid more money. I emailed admin multiple times to get it worked out with no response. They will not live up to their promises.

  • Avatar of Mar Brock
    Mar Brock on

    Cant you see the juy says Im the owner a Russian like that gives him right to rip us off I spent $15 when it first opened with their Ad Blitz (Pay now or???) threats online it is the wild west and these are the Robbers and quite proud of themselves dont get suckered in its no better than others

  • Avatar of Ross
    Ross on

    I think that they are Rip-Off artists

    I paid to renew my account and never got zip

    Emailed them numerous times and no answer back

    DON’T give them a nickle or you will just lose it.

  • Avatar of Mark
  • Avatar of Daniel
    Daniel on

    exact same as everyone else. good when they first came out then started demanding payment or account gets cancelled. rip off scammers

  • Avatar of Robert Densmore
    Robert Densmore on

    I’m not going to go into the horrible details. But I will say that this is probably the biggest scam, ripoff site on the entire web.

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