Oznzb Review

Oznzb Review
4.5 / 5
Oznzb Review
Rating 4.5 Stars
Price $16/Yr
Retention 2500 Days
Features 5 NZBs Daily
$16/Year / $ 55/Lifetime.
Upto 2000 NZBs & 10,000
Platform Newznab+

Online since 2013, OZNZB has been continually innovating and improving their service and today represents one of the top NZB sites as measured by quality of releases and innovative features.

OzNZB Highlighted Features

  • NewzNab Based Customized NZB site
  • Free Users: 5 downloads a day
  • Complete API support for Couch Potato, SickBeard, Headphones, etc for paid users..
  • RSS feeds and an API is available to paid users
  • Over 140 USENET groups indexed.
  • Content updated every 10 minutes.
  • Tightly integrated feature rich PHPbb forum.
  • Integrated IRC chat channel on the menus.
  • Search results allow you to preview video and audio releases before downloading.
  • Custom made release rating system.
  • Fast, clean and easy to use user interface.
  • Dedicated hardware, with 8 CPUs, 32GB of ram and 800GB of storage

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Australian hosted OzNZB is definitely one NZB site to put on your shortlist.  They have a friendly community, many NZB files and a good level of participation as many users review and vote on releases.

Definitely signup for at least the free tier of service

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25 Comments about Oznzb Review

  • Avatar of MalFie
    MalFie on

    Not a criticism, just an observation..

    Your index page has misspelled SIGNING in SINGING UP

    I think 😉

    Great site, keep it up, please.

  • Avatar of ho1y
  • Avatar of Rob
    Rob on

    I have been a member on Oz since March. Great site, every week new improvements are added so it is great to see my support not going to waste like some of the other “crawlers” which have popped up this year. Forums are really helpful as well, starting to feel like a true “Matrix” replacement.

  • Avatar of Tim
    Tim on

    Great spot, has a lot of the old Matrix members on the forums, and the comments on the nzbs are very useful.

  • Avatar of Tom
    Tom on

    This site has miles to go before it is up to the class of some of the others available. In a nutshell it is over cluttered newznab+, missing a lot of content.

  • Avatar of Troy
    Troy on

    I agree with Tom,

    Miscategorized / rubbish releases, some added fancy features doesn’t detract from the fact that it is a prettied up newznab+ site.

  • Avatar of Wierdbeard65
    Wierdbeard65 on

    Why can’t they just sell membership? I’d happily just shell out the $16.00 to get access to more than 5 call / downloads per day.

  • Avatar of 2low4u
  • Avatar of Bob
    Bob on

    I agree with Wierdbeard65. I wish they would accept bitcoin. Oznzb is a top indexer, with top content, but the process of becoming a VIP member is cumbersome and shady.

  • Avatar of iceman
    iceman on

    @bob we do accept bitcoin, wallet details on the site in the blue bar under articles. find me in our irc channel if you need help

  • Avatar of What?
    What? on

    You guys have got to be kidding right? This site is rubbish! Unusable for the past 3 months. Anyone saying anything good about this site is deluded or paid.

    ‘The Best’ they call themselves.Don’t waste your money.Read their forums.

  • Avatar of Bob
    Bob on

    I have to agree with What. This site is pure crap and all of the positive reviews are most likely the mods and staff, or a paid shill

  • Avatar of iceman
    iceman on

    yes please make sure you come and read our forums, we had a few growing pains due to server load, its been address and yet again we have proven why we are the BEST Indexer… come and see for your self

  • Avatar of Bigboy
  • Avatar of davis
    davis on

    I get more unuseable releases from this indexer than I do useable ones – passworded, encrypted, phantom, and mislabeled. Or ‘cannot complete’ for some reason or other. I don’t have the same problems on other indexing sites.

  • Avatar of Not_davis
    Not_davis on

    @davis. Come on mate. I’m never completely happy with an indexing site since Matrix went belly-up. That said, NZB is doing its best to prevent members wasting bandwidth ($) and time downloading unusable crap. My provider is (finally) removing stuff instead of crippling it. I’m out of it completely before the end of the year because I’m a realist.
    Don’t blame the indexer and don’t blame the provider. Copyright holders are (quite rightly) flexing their muscle. It’s a sign of the times and like it or lump it, the good ol’ days are gone.

  • Avatar of Macster
  • Avatar of Tmacster
  • Avatar of AuthEx
  • Avatar of Bill Harris
    Bill Harris on


    Bullshit. There is are hundreds of millions of titles available, both on the newsgroups and off. Since the fuckhole antipiracy groups shove tons of SHIT up, just join an nzb site. Their testers screen out the the crap for you (just make sure to join a site that allows comments).

    However, one thing is true. Torrents are growing at astonishing speed, so things aren’t quite the same. Just get a GOOD VPN that protects peer to peer, and you’re good to go.

    Ignore the doom-criers. They’ve been saying the sky is falling since 1988.

  • Avatar of Bob Innis
    Bob Innis on

    Torrents are dying or dead. About three decent sites are up that are skipping over some fancy site clouds but it’s just a matter of time.

    In order to run a torrent site you must sit in spots that can be targeted with little DCMA shotguns.

  • Avatar of mobdeep
    mobdeep on

    I’ve been a paid member and I’ll never renew my membership. There are much better alternatives to this indexer. Anyone posting positive reviews here is either a mod or a friend of a mod of oznzb.
    The only good thing about the site is that it seems to cast a wide net and pick up a lot of releases that aren’t indexed by some others.
    The bad thing about the site is that seems to cast a wide net and pick up a lot of releases that are garbage.
    The site has had significant problems, outages, indexer faults and other technical issues. I questioned the competency of the mods a couple of times and was told to shove it.
    While the uptime and API reliability has improved in the past 12 months, the mods said they had to move/change the site to work under the radar. This gave the mods a reason to hold out their hands and ask for more money from the community.
    If you choose to give them money, don’t have high expectations for service or its continuity.

  • Avatar of chipped
    chipped on

    No more free users. If you login to the site you can read a detailed message which they have asked people not to share.

    Unreliable and unpredictable. They have some sort of major drama a few times per year.

    I’ve also found that their site marks downloads as not good and Sonarr or Couchpotato will not download them because of this, download the same release from another indexer it works fine.

    I;’m no longer a premium member and will not sign up again.

  • Avatar of nzbwolf
    nzbwolf on

    If you are mostly into downloading movies, tv and adult stuff there is a new indexer called nzbwolf.com around with a very unique and modern UI that works pretty fast and shows you the relevent stuff. The adult section has the best preview material you get in the usenet space.

  • Avatar of Wurlitzer

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