4.5 / 5
Rating 4.5 Stars
Price $10/Yr
Retention 1500 Days
Features No Free Account
$10/Year for VIP
UNlimited NZBs & API
Platform Custom has been online for several years, with some domain changes along the way. The site came under new management in October of 2016 and there are quite a few new features at, from faster searches to expanded API options. Highlighted Features

  • Well-Developed, Flexible Indexer
  • Free Account None
  • VIP Account $10
  • Retention – over 1500 days of binary
  • Rapidly Updated Indexes
  • Multiple APIs: Custom and Newznab
  • No Ads
  • Forum for all users
  • Invites: Not disclosed
  • IRC:, #omgwtfnzbs (invite only) on (EFNET)
  • Integrations: sabNZBD, Sonarr, Couchpotato, etc
  • Privacy: SSL
  • Hardware details: Not disclosed
  • Payment Options: Bitcoin, Credit Cards for renewals only

Membership Levels for

Free Donator
Price $0 $10
NZBs Daily 10 Unlimited
Invites 0 Not disclosed
API Calls 10 Unlimited
Forum Access Yes Yes

Is Down? is Up
Checked 1 hour ago

  Today Yesterday This Week Last Week This Month Last Month This Year Last Year
Uptime % 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 99.99775% 99.9986% 99.99666%
Downtime % 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Downtime 1 sec 1 sec 1 sec 1 sec 1 sec 1 min 1 min 17 mins, 34 secs
#Checks 8 12 20 84 224 372 596 4370

Response Time

  Today Yesterday This Week Last Week This Month Last Month This Year Last Year
Max 1.24 1.379 1.379 2.452 2.478 30.001 30.001 10.52
Min 0.737 0.715 0.715 0.713 0.711 0.706 0.706 0.699
Avg 1.014 1.021 1.018 1.083 1.092 1.254 1.193 1.288
#Checks 8 12 20 84 224 372 596 4370

Response Time Chart for OMGWTFNZBS

Response Time Chart for OMGWTFNZBS

Uptime Chart for OMGWTFNZBS

Uptime Chart for OMGWTFNZBS
Look here to see if OMGWTFNZBS is down or offline


OmgWtfNZBs focuses on being fast, very fast. They claim to have increased search speed by a factor of eighty, no small thing, especially for very active USENET users. They offer their own, custom interface, but also have an API that’s compliant with Newznab. The donation system requires that you use Bitcoin the first time but, after you join, you can renew on a credit card. has a lot of nice features and the price is very affordable. Some users had complained about issues with getting their membership set up, but those issues have long since been fixed and the site continues to improve.


17 Comments about OMGWTFNZBS Review

  1. John on April 9th, 2014

    Register New Account
    Invitation/Donator Only!
    Public Registrations have been disabled by the site admin

    But you could donate for a VIP account here. (Bitcoins)

  2. Spike on December 13th, 2014

    They now accept PayPal

  3. dve on January 18th, 2016

    Signed up for OMGWTFNZBS per your review that said “if you’re really keen to get the newest releases as fast as possible.” and for TV their latest is 1day old, their next listing is 6 days old, then 11 then 24 days. Movies 4 days, Apps 6 hours. What a waste of money. worse than useless site

  4. Marion Marshall on January 28th, 2016

    Hi Dve,
    Sorry to hear about your experience. When we reviewed OMGWTFNZBS things worked pretty well but it sounds like we need to check again perhaps

  5. Ray on February 10th, 2016

    Well…I paid $10 (in bitcoins) but never received any info on how to login to the site.
    They have yet to reply to my email and I don’t get any response on their IRC channel.
    Indeed a waste of money!

  6. Mark on February 13th, 2016

    ^^they are not out to rip anyone off send them an email

  7. sadrf on March 9th, 2016

    Website down

  8. Neda on March 10th, 2016

    Does anyone know if the site was shut down? I’ve been trying to access it for the last couple days and it keeps saying the webpage is not available.

  9. The FOO on March 10th, 2016

    Their site seems to be down as of today. 🙁

  10. Chad29188 on May 2nd, 2016

    I signed up for my second year, sent in the $$$ donation; nothing, no upgrade to vip in over 5 days since I’ve paid.., I’ve sent them a private message, talked on IRC, and sent an email, nothing, either they are (1) dead, (2) ripping people off, or (3) been compromised by some fascist entity

  11. Chad19901 on May 10th, 2016

    paid via bitcoin on april 29th 2016, emailed them 3 times, PM them using their site 4 times, nothing back, no response, no vip, nothing as of today May 10th 2016 —-site is a Ripoff, beware!!!!

  12. Syntaxerror911 on May 13th, 2016

    I paid, and same – nothing,no response, no vip, nothing!!!!!!! These guys are nothing but a ripoff

    *** W A R N I N G *** BEWARE – DO NOT PAY THEM A DIME!!1

  13. arv on June 29th, 2016

    I wish i saw this reviews before . Same here, donated 10$ 2 days ago, no vip no response either.
    do not donate

  14. Sabrina Sillngnes on July 20th, 2016

    [QUOTE] ^^they are not out to rip anyone off send them an email [/QUOTE]
    Yes, they sure are, I paid via bitcoin, and they do not respond to any email, or irc chats or web site messages, but they sure took my money and gave me nothing. They are a pure scam

  15. Error404 on September 12th, 2016

    Same here, after years of membership when I tried to renew my VIP I didn’t get my upgrade as expected. Tried all sources of contact as I could find. Don’t waste your money!

  16. Martin on October 5th, 2016

    Paid in october for vip subscription. Still no vip account!! No reply on emails!

  17. Peter Frieds on February 22nd, 2017

    I have to admit since the site changed ownership, its usability improved a ton. Definately worth it now

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