NZBsRus Review

NZBsRus Review
0.5 / 5
NZBsRus Review
Rating 0.5 Stars
Price -
Retention Days
Features Bitcoin / $15 per year
IRC Channel / Forum /Big
Dead Site
Platform nZEDb

NZBsRus was a popular, well-designed NZB site that closed its doors in 2013. The site offered a $15 per year membership, an IRC channel, a forum and, of course, a big index of NZBs to choose from. The site took Bitcoin for memberships, which undoubtedly contributed to its popularity with users.

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46 Comments about NZBsRus Review

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  • Avatar of Pete
    Pete on

    I was using this site for years until I got into a heated debate with some of the staff about racist comments. The extremely racist comments actually came from an admin, and unfortunately they went unchecked by the moderators. Sad ending to what was actually a good site.

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  • Avatar of Leeb1977
    Leeb1977 on

    Best nzb site on the net by a long way.

    They are having issues at the moment hence the vip only access… but its well worrh the cost of the upgrade imho.

    Far better than any other site ive used of this type.

  • Avatar of wolfeden3
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  • Avatar of lordkinbote
    lordkinbote on

    I couldn’t figure out the bitcoin thing. It seems that a bitcoin costs about $14? and this site wants $12 in bitcoins? If that means that I could buy 1 bitcoin and use that to pay the $12 then I might consider it, although I’m a bit perturbed that it took the lifetime membership away in the day that my bank account was getting verified. But, if it means I have to pay $14x$12 then forget that.

  • Avatar of jignoni
  • Avatar of Kymbo
    Kymbo on

    After nearly 2 years of VIP access with these guys they’ve removed my “lifetime” subscription and demoted me back to a normal ‘user’. They say there was a glitch recently and some VIP’s had not paid, but surely that’s just for the influx of matrix refugees not older members. Now they want me to find old receipts or emails etc to prove I paid that long ago. Ridiculous, who keeps track of this stuff, I move email accounts around on all these legally dubious sites so they’re not directly traceable to me. Smells more like taking $$$$ and trying to double dip now.

  • Avatar of Aradral
    Aradral on

    I’m also in the same boat as Kymbo, having had lifetime for 3 years and just taken away. I wrote an e-mail but I’m not sure if was deleted or if they haven’t gotten to my mail yet. I hope they re-instate me soon because I haven’t had any complaints til now.

  • Avatar of neosoul
    neosoul on

    I had the same problem as Kymbo. These arseholes removed my lifetime subscription claiming a glitch / questionable activity on my account. I remember I paid via paypal but have no idea what entity they were doing business as.


  • Avatar of J
    J on

    I paid this site and had VIP. They then take it away from me (and every other VIP member) and tell us we need to provide proof. It’s been 48 hours already, and there are 9000 other people waiting (according to the blog post a few mins ago).

    Do not use this site.

  • Avatar of Splasher
    Splasher on

    So much for the $10 lifetime membership…

    After 2 years my paid VIP (and thousands of others) was revoked for being “suspect” whatever that means. Just a bunch of crap, and it shows the attitude of the site operators. Oh, and you MUST pay with bitcoins now. What a ridiculous hassle! I won’t be paying again for what’s free elsewhere. I don’t mind supporting the sites, but revoking a lifetime membership and then saying find the receipt is a pretty pathetic thing to do. Who keeps things like that? Probably are going to make everyone re-pay and then shut down (again). NOT TRUSTWORTHTY – BEWARE!!

  • Avatar of Minm
    Minm on

    While it was running the site was certainly the next best contender after Nzbmatrix and newzbin. The inclusion of RSS and API were the main draws and a fairly good little community.

    After renewing my VIP membership in Nov 2012, I like many, had their accounts returned to basic user and now they’re asking for another “donation”. Worse yet in bitcoin, which here costs more to get per BTC than actual worth. (I’m no fan of Paypal either but there are better alternatives like Flattr etc)

    I’ve been the victim of a few site closures lately, and I suspect this lot are planning on taking in all they “donations” they can, only to have a closure notice in a few weeks/months.

    2012 – a sad sad year for usenet 🙁

  • Avatar of oddbin
    oddbin on

    been with them for 4years donated twice just for them to take away my vip status doddgy buggers keep all your reciepts not to be trusted withy your cash

  • Avatar of DugFreez
    DugFreez on

    This looks to be either a pretty sketchy or poorly run website. After jumping through their bitcoin hoops I was granted my VIP lifetime membership for $9.99. That lasted all of about 2 weeks before they downgraded me back to a worthless user account.

    They say that some memberships were questionable if they paid so I guess they decided to revoke everyone’s account. I have proof that I made the payment for my VIP account but they have since closed down there forums and said they have thousands of support tickets to work through to get accounts reinstated and not to send more that 1 support ticket.

    It seems they are not having any problems with taking the money of new subscribers as that still are accepting new bitcoin payments for new VIP memberships. Join if you like….but don’t be surprised if your 12 month subscription only lasts a week before it is deemed suspicious and revoked.

  • Avatar of LongTimeUser
    LongTimeUser on

    What a saga, paid for VIP, a month ago, no update to VIP, they tell you not to contact them, but keep your money anyway. Nice business model. If your looking for a decent NZB engine, DONT pay these, its a scam nowadays.

  • Avatar of Disk
  • Avatar of sugar_frosted_bacon
    sugar_frosted_bacon on

    Website is now a scam. Used to be pretty good along the lines of matrix and merlins.

    Recently wiped all premium accounts, had to fight to get them back. All lifetime members got shafted and reset to 1 year VIP.

    Very terrible, and with all the newznab indexes popping up, their service isn’t worth risking your money with anymore.

  • Avatar of DrSativa
    DrSativa on

    Don’t use these scammers! They use big ideals like ‘community’ to try to attract loyal customers and then stab them in the back at every chance they get. They degrade and denigrate anyone having any criticism for their underhanded and crappy treatment. You’d be better off using ANY other indexing site option. Don’t wast your hard earned money on people that are just going to steal it from you.

  • Avatar of MemberFor3+
    MemberFor3+ on

    Very Scammy! They can’t be trusted. There are much better sites for your money. I heard the news that they had REMOVED VIP for a number of users. Well, turns out it was just about every Lifetime VIP member. I was confident though that they would make it right. Some said, nah, they are just trying to get everyone off of lifetime and want more money from us. I didnt’ believe that! Well, I was wrong. Come to find out they only gave 1 year of VIP to previous lifetime members. Even with proof! They also ban anyone who whines about it. Obviously it was a scam to re-up everyone and milk money from them. If they would have just asked we would have donated… Very very lame. So, yeah look elsewhere!

  • Avatar of Ex-user
    Ex-user on

    “Our site had a supposed purchase flaw so now we’re going to make everyone who actually purchased it jump through hoops to prove you did, once you do that we’re not even going to give you what you paid for, question it and you won’t get anything but we’ll still keep your money” any company that works like that deserves to get flush with the rest of the crap.

  • Avatar of Merckx
    Merckx on

    I’ve heard nothing but bad news about this site. This site looks more and more like a scam I would avoid it.

  • Avatar of Ba11a
    Ba11a on

    Because this Site used to have one of the highest recommendations, I was dumb enough to go for their VIP account. Now they deleted all VIP accounts. They blame it on some lame excuse about them having issues with their security which gave people the chance to get free accounts. So they implemented a system how to reactivate the VIP account.

    Since this Site was very slow to the last, I think their servers couldn’t handle the traffic so they had to come up with a scame how to get rid of a great cut of VIP accounts. They are even dumb enough to mention that VIPs who have donated money would be prioritized in reactivating the VIP account.

    I have followed their instructions on how to retain my VIP status and haven’t heard anything since then.
    I came to the conclusion that this site is a big scam.

    Don’t waist your time and money with them.
    There are way better and free ways to enjoy the day.

  • Avatar of phil
    phil on

    in aus, 1 bitcoin cost $46 aus
    thats the new yearly charge
    its the best nzb site really
    $10 for life was a bit cheapo, come on now, where do you get anything for $10 for life lol
    $10 a yrs good, but they want more now

  • Avatar of roderick
    roderick on

    This site is now a joke. They cant even manage there own paid for VIP customers. Feb of last year I paid for a lifetime account and they had me locked in for one year of VIP after some account issue on there end.

  • Avatar of ali
    ali on

    After 3 years, my life time membership is over. What a short life and what kind of cheap people they are? Don’t support them.

  • Avatar of Chris
    Chris on

    Bunch of cry babies complaining you lost lifetime that only cost you a whole 9 dollars

    The site is fine and they restored everyone’s VIP if you has lifetime you still got a year so STFU cheap bastards even at 15 for year is more than fair considering the content you a getting.

  • Avatar of dognuts
    dognuts on

    They did the same thing to me. I had (and paid) for VIP status and after a few years when they had a so-called ‘database issue’ they terminated my VIP status because they apparently couldn’t verify if I’d paid. I didn’t even bother to contact them after I saw their attitude towards people who had been with them for years.

    Their “lifetime” VIP status doesn’t mean a damn thing. I have no doubt that their ‘database issue’ was an excuse to screw people out of more money.


  • Avatar of humptydumpty
    humptydumpty on

    Today bitcoins were traded for over $100 for a BitCoin.
    Also today the 12month vip membership of this site was 1 BitCoin…
    Now who on earth is going to spend more than $100 for a 1 year VIP membership that can be taken away from you next month? Really can someone tell me this?… Wow, this is unreal <)))))))

  • Avatar of dtbush
  • Avatar of Overdose
  • Avatar of JamesW
    JamesW on

    What’s happening with NZBsRus now? For all the troubles, they seem to have finally set on a yearly price and I was enjoying the grabs. Since a few days, they went down and now a message by their hosting provider shows. What gives?

  • Avatar of mr_jinxy
    mr_jinxy on

    My “LIFETIME” membership was also reset to a one year term and when i complained they muted me by disabling my comments,So i can’t make them look bad.Admins said “questionable activity on my account”so I called them out and provided my receipt of payment got my VIP back now with a one renewal
    Admin have a god complex and oh ya when anyone except an admin uploads a nzb they find a reason to delete it, and repost their own.Honestly just stay away

  • Avatar of dominic572
    dominic572 on

    My first post isn’t still on here, but I wanted to post again this site is SHIT!!!! again its SHIT! I had the same xp as mr_jinxy

  • Avatar of RUSTYGOALIE
  • Avatar of Dangerousdriver
    Dangerousdriver on

    Absolute crap after using Matrix for years! They cancelled my membership after accusing me of trying to scam my membership! I think you were the ones trying to scam me! After a few weeks of emailing I finally got my account restored but it left a sour taste in my mouth. The site is constantly down the attitude of both users and mods suck balls so I’m not using it anymore. Stay away and find somewhere you don’t get scammed

  • Avatar of Dave
  • Avatar of skankyzinc
    skankyzinc on

    Avoid this shower of bastards, I have VIP lifetime, and because I had my say in the forum they decided they were going to ban me, more money wasted, avoid them at all cost, you will be throwing good money down the drain, oh and the site is down again lol

  • Avatar of Roger
    Roger on

    The site is down for good. Maybe due to FACT, or the owners has sold the domain. Either way, it won’t come back.

  • Avatar of chopsus
    chopsus on

    Well it turned out to be a big cash grab before running away with their tail between their legs … scammers in the end!

  • Avatar of shaktastik
    shaktastik on

    Hi, this is an old thread but I need help. I have used bitcoins to pay for vip with nzbsrus I cant remember the bitcoin site that I used but it was advertised on the nzbsrus payment section, I think I had some fraction of a bitcoin left on that account but I can remeber the site to try and login. Can anyone even who used their own bitcoin site let me know what they used so I can try and login please. Thanks.

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