Review is a new NZB site that offers free and VIP registration. The webpage for the site lists the name as Nzbs2Go, but the domain is located at The site promises some real advantages, particularly to those USENET users who have grown frustrated with and sick of password protected RAR files and the other spam that tends to clog up the USENET.


According to the site, there are automated and hand-edited NZB files available on The site owners do the work and hand edit the content so that you don’t have to worry about inaccurate names, password-protected files and other forms of spam. They’ll assign the correct names to files and make sure that users can tell exactly what they’re downloading onto their computers. works with some of the most popular NZB software out there, including SABnzbd, SickBeard and CouchPotato. It’s also compatible with NZBDrone and NZB360.

The site contains information on how to install and configure the software that works with, which is a nice additional feature, particularly for those who may have only recently discovered the USENET.


There are two options available for those who want to help out in keeping up and running. The first is to simply make a donation to the site, which the developers, of course, greatly appreciate, as it helps them pay their bills.

If you’re donating, however, you may want to up your membership to a VIP, which does come with some real benefits.

VIP members get access to more file information than regular members. They also get the option to download files as ZIP files or as uncompressed NZB files, if they prefer.

VIP members can also take advantage of unlimited downloads from, which is a good option for heavy USENET users. The site does have an API and, with a VIP membership, you get unlimited API requests as part of the deal.

If you want to donate or become a VIP at the site, you can click on the “subscribe” button once you sign up for a regular membership and explore the site a bit. The system takes approximately 12 hours to update your membership at most. There is no refund policy but the developers will make accommodations for subscribers that are not satisfied with what they’ve purchased at the site. You can email the site administrators with your request and they’ll review it.

The prospect of being able to search a spam-free NZB index is certainly an attractive one, and makes something to take a look at.

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10 Comments about Review

  1. Jim on July 13th, 2014

    Site seems to have disappeared this past week. A staple for me as I was a VIP member.

    Can anyone else, use it, or is this issue across the board?

  2. dennis on July 22nd, 2014

    Same for me Jim, I paid the VIP fee too, now nothing ? so where have they vanished to perhaps decency would have issue message to closing down regardless of us losing our fees, are they going to restart and therefore give us VIP members free renewals

  3. Rob on July 22nd, 2014

    Gone for me too. Wanted my list of saved tv series names at least!!

  4. Rich on July 24th, 2014

    Gone for me too

  5. Rich on July 24th, 2014

    I was a VIP too a courtesy message stating the close down would not have gone a miss.

  6. Rich on July 24th, 2014

    Moderators why are you showing the site as open

  7. Marion Marshall on July 26th, 2014

    Thanks Rich — Status updated — looks like it is closed for now

  8. Rich on July 30th, 2014

    The site is open again. I just checked today and its back. No explanation (to the best of my knowledge) has been offered for the down time.

  9. alan on September 11th, 2014

    Site is down onceagain

  10. nzbs2go on April 10th, 2015

    Up then down like many indexers over the years but we have been going since 2007 –

    just an update new owner. 14 day trial accounts the norm vip etc ..

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