NZB Tortuga Review

Last Updated: Apr 08, 2020

NZB Tortuga Review
Rating4 Stars
Free TrialNone
FeaturesDead Site

NZB Tortuga is a dead NZB site

Please see our list of best NZB sites for other alternatives

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January 2020 - NZB Tortuga declared dead

While NZB Tortuga was a promising and popular NZB lasting from 2016 to 2020, we are now declaring it dead.

November 2019 - Registrations are currently disabled

Nzb Tortuga launched in early November 2016 and quickly grew to be one of the top indexing sites.  Indexing almost 600 groups with more than 3 million posts to date and a solid 1000 day retention it’s not surprising Nzb Tortuga is popular.

Screenshots of NZB Tortuga in action

The unlimited 7 day full trial allows user to fully test there API integration and NZB download from site  before making any dissections to support them.

Over the last year 12 months Nzb Tortuga has had a 95% uptime (see our uptime chart below) and has consistently updated the site throughout. They have added a new theme, phpBB forum integration, movie quality filters and custom user notifications for easy API key access and messages. We are looking forward to seeing what they bring to the Nzb community.

NZB Tortuga Highlights

  • Newznab based NZB site software.
  • Free membership level: 5 NZB file downloads daily (No API calls)
  • VIP Level: only $6 a year. Unlimited NZB downloads. 6,000 API calls daily.
  • Unlimited 7 Day Trial
  • Integrated phpBB Forum
  • Server Hardware specs: quad Xeon 3.3ghz, 16GB of Ram, 8 TB of storage, 5.8 usable in a RAID 5 config.
  • Accepting Bitcoin, PayPal & Credit Card payments.
  • Indexing 600 groups.
  • Working towards true 1000 day retention.
  • Good privacy, no logs kept and https:// used.

Membership Plan Detail

Free  £0.00 / Lifetime  5   
VIP  £4.99 / Yearly  Unlimited  6000  
Platinum  £12.99 / Yearly  Unlimited  25000  
Multipass  £29.99 / Lifetime  Unlimited  25000  


As with all NZB sites, only time will tell if NZB Tortuga will live up to it ’s promises but for now, with good hardware and a respectable technical plan NZB Tortuga seems to be off to a good start.

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