NZB Tortuga Review

NZB Tortuga Review
4 / 5
NZB Tortuga Review
Rating 4 Stars
Price $6/Yr
Retention Days
Features 5 NZBs a Day
$6/Year for VIP
Unlimited downloads & 6,000 calls.
Platform Newznab+

Launched in November 2016, NZB Tortuga is a new NZB site with both solid hardware specs and a respectable plan for growth.

  • NewzNab Based Software

NZB Tortuga Highlights

  • Newznab based NZB site software.
  • Free membership level: 5 NZB file downloads daily (No API calls)
  • VIP Level: only $6 a year. Unlimited NZB downloads. 6,000 API calls daily.
  • Plans for modifying the default theme and creating a community with phpbb.
  • Server Hardware specs: quad Xeon 3.3ghz, 16GB of Ram, 8 TB of storage, 5.8 usable in a RAID 5 config.
  • Accepting Paypal and Stripe payments.
  • Indexing 600 groups.
  • Working towards true 3000 day retention.
  • Good privacy, no logs kept and https:// used.

Membership Plan Detail

Free VIP Platinum Multipass
Price £0.00 / Lifetime £4.99 / Yearly £12.99 / Yearly £29.99 / Lifetime
CPU 486-DX266 Processor Octa-Core Processor Octa-Core Processor Octa-Core Processor
Storage 12MB Disk Space 1GB Disk Space 2GB Disk Space 4GB Disk Space
Daily API Calls 0 6,000 25,000 25,000
NZBs 5/Day Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


As with all NZB sites, only time will tell if NZB Tortuga will live up to it’s promises but for now, with good hardware and a respectable technical plan NZB Tortuga seems to be off to a good start.

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