NZB-RSS Review

NZB-RSS Review
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NZB-RSS Review
Rating 4 Stars
Price Free
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Features Has no membership levels.
Platform Custom is a site that allows you to get information on all of the video files that have been uploaded to the newsgroups very quickly. It integrates with RSS feeds, allowing you to use it with newsreaders that have that functionality built into them. The site does have its advantages and it may appeal to some users.

Update: as of October 2018

  • Site currently still Working and Online
  • Completely free service!
  • Website is clean and NO ADVERTISEMENTS!
  • No registration required!
  • Concentrates on TV shows
  • Integrates with RSS feeds
  • Hourly indexes newsgroup contents!
  • Worth a try using with different applications such as SABNZBD and more..
  • You can also support the website using BITCOINATE


The first thing you’re likely to notice about is that the website has a very simple and easy to follow interface. You won’t find any extraneous links, menus or other distractions when you’re looking at the site. It simply gives you a list of videos that have been uploaded to the USENET newsgroups. Click on any of the links and you’ll get all of the latest NZB files for the video in question available and the option to add RSS feeds to keep you notified when these files are uploaded in the future.

The RSS feeds have a nice customization feature that allows you to choose high definition formats in some cases. For those who are picky about the quality of their video, this might be a tempting feature. Downloading the NZB files themselves is very easy to do.

Using the RSS Feature

For users who prefer automated newsreader clients, the RSS feature is definitely something worth considering. These clients, and some others, allow RSS downloading, which can vastly simplify the process of downloading a video once it becomes available on USENET. If you’re tired of hunting around and waiting to see when a new video is uploaded, this might save you quite a bit of time. Some other clients support RSS downloading, as well, and the users of those clients may very well want to take a look at as an option.

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Currently, you don’t have to have any type of membership to search, browse or otherwise use the site, which is another plus. Clicking the download link downloads the NZB file to your computer, which you can then use to download the actual file by opening up your regular USENET access provider’s newsreader or whatever newsreader you use on your own.

With many NZB indexing sites disappearing off of the Internet lately, provides a nice option. Particularly if you want to utilize the RSS downloading feature on a newsreader, this site may well be worth taking a look at and trying out to see if it’s what you’ve been looking for.

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11 Comments about NZB-RSS Review

  • Avatar of john gib
    john gib on

    This use to be one of my favorite sites but I am now getting an “authorization required” message when I try to access it. This just started today using both IE and Firefox.

  • Avatar of buzzra
  • Avatar of Prez
    Prez on

    Can you tell me if the website now requires login. Because this what get every time since 03/13/2015.
    The server is asking for your user name and password. The reports that it is from auth Required.
    This has never happen before.

    Has the status changed?


  • Avatar of AD1995
    AD1995 on

    I too get the authentication message when I try going to the site. Hope this is a temporary thing as I used this site daily

  • Avatar of w0nder
    w0nder on

    I love this site. I wish someone could tell us what’s going on and how to once again access nzb-rss…

  • Avatar of PRiv
    PRiv on

    Status update please. This was a fantastic site until authentication started being required. Was this shut down or went private, or? Thank you

  • Avatar of abbeygirl
  • Avatar of Richard Hayes
    Richard Hayes on

    I think NZB-RSS is a great website when searching for TV shows, the best, with lots of info’. Only one problem, when I first started using it it never asked for a ‘user name’ or ‘password’ but since early March it now asks for authorization which of course can’t be given. Has your site folded or what, I’ll be most disappointed if it has. If not please tell me how can I log onto your website.
    Thank you,

  • Avatar of THE INTERNET

    yeah so the tremendous faggot that runs closed it up and turned it into a password only site.

    I hope he gets run over by a truck.

  • Avatar of randy
  • Avatar of Jay

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