nuPlay Review

nuPlay is a solution that offers two options for those who need a personal video recorder. It can serve as a hardware appliance or it can be obtained in a software only variant. It serves as an all-in-one media manager.

The Functions

nuPlay allows you to search and add video series to your downloads via a simple interface. Once you add something, nuPlay will give you information about the series, including any episode listings and other information that’s applicable to what you added.

There’s also a discovery mode built into the device that can check for entertainment based on what you have in your library already. It will draw information from Internet sources and match up video that you may like.

You can also play a lot of retro games on nuPlay. It can get games from multiple different platforms and download them for you. It gives you info on the games and you can choose which ones you want to try and you can play them right on the device.

Additional Features

nuPlay is planning on adding features that allow you to manage your music library, but they haven’t been developed thoroughly as of yet and there’s little information on them. DLNA has been added to the product, due to heavy user demand, as well.


The Raspberry Pi requires that you use NZBGet as your downloader. The developers say this is because SABnzbd uses comparatively more resources. If you’re using another hardware option, however, you can use SABnzbd if you want.

nuPlay will automatically download new video content via BitTorrent or USENET. You can add items to a watch list and it will automatically scan for new uploads of those videos so that you can access them right away.

The management features in nuPlay are powerful and, if it’s as good as nzbx, it has a lot of promise. There hasn’t been an alpha or beta release as of yet, however. If it works out as well as planned, this could be a very powerful option for those who need something that can manage their video and audio files for them and that can function as a personal video recorder with all the features that most people would ever want. The games addition is a nice touch, as well, and should make this even more desirable for a lot of users and, of course, a lot more fun for those who like retro gaming.

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