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NewzNZB is a custom software based NZB site that has been in operation since 2012. The site currently has just more than 2,000,000 releases. This site is free of spam and all of the releases are clean. In some cases, the operators at the site will go as far as to rename uploads so that they are easier to find and categorize.  They are a bit expensive at $10/month but they advertised no DMCA.

NewzNZB has set itself up for a world that is hostile to NZB sites. They are set up in a way that doesn’t give them any centralized host, so there’s no easy way for them to be shut down.

September 2015 Update

New invite code: 3ff4a7420b192ab27135182503bd8db79debe98

  • 1 Euro / month for ViP
  • 6 uploading BOTS so the site is unique in content
  • They claim  ” no site have so much content as we – 2x announce BOT, 2x Backfill , BOT, usenet2usenet BOT, P2P BOT “
  • Faster indexing of our releases and other
  • We have about little over 2,000,000 releases so far
  • We have over 1000 member now

Membership Plans

You can join NewzNZB with a bitcoin donation equivalent to 1 euro a month

The membership comes with quite a few benefits. You’ll have no limit on your downloads, of course. You can also get access to an API and RSS system, advanced filters, and more.

The signup page gives you the Bitcoin wallet where you can make your donation and get your membership setup. After making your donation, you’ll have to email the administrators with your details to activate your membership.

Technical Specs

NewzNZB has a customized interface.

This site features a manually-updated index. Updates come at anywhere from one- to five-minute intervals. Add that to the over 500GB of uploads and there’s a lot to explore on NewzNZB.

The site was recently upgraded, so download speeds are pushing up against 100Mbit/s.

NewzNZB’s servers offer 1,024TB of bandwidth, 256GB of memory and 9.4TB of disk space. It’s set up to operate over reverse proxies all over the world, which makes it very difficult for NewzNZB to be taken down.

NewzNZB does not respond to DMCA requests.

This NZB site boasts a spam-free index, which makes that $10 donation seem a lot less painful.

The only payment method accepted is Bitcoin, so be sure you buy some before you try to set up a membership.


NewzNZB has some very attractive features. Primary among them is the vast collection of uploads they have. When one combines that with the absence of spam on their indexes, it means a lot less wasted time sorting through password-protected and fake binaries.

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