Newzbin2 Review

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2019

Newzbin2 Review
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Newzbin2 is a dead NZB site

Please see our list of best NZB sites for other alternatives

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Newzbin2 has been offline since 2012. The site was innovative in its time, offering a hand-picked index that made it easy to avoid wasting bandwidth downloading spam. The site peaked in popularity during 2006. Newzbin originated the NZB file format and, though Newzbin2 is long gone, the format remains one of the most popular options for downloading binaries. Newzbin2 offered features that would become standard for NZB sites, including VIP membership options and streamlined search features.

Alternatives to Newzbin2

There are plenty of great NZB sites out there and it would be remiss to say so without pointing out that they all owe something to Newzbin. If you want to download NZBs, take a look at our list of the best NZB sites of today. We constantly update our list and recommendations and include the platform, VIP options and other features that each site offers.

Altenatives To Newzbin2

Name NZBs Price
Oznzb 5 NZBs Daily $16/Year & $ 55/Life.
NZBFinder Free: 5 NZBs & 25 API Calls. 10, 20, 35 Euros.
DogNZB No Free Account $18/Year for VIP
NZBGrabit 10 Zip Dls / Day $15/Year & $35/Life
ABnzb 20 NZBs & 100 Calls $25/Year for VIP
OMGWTFNZBS No Free Account $10/Year for VIP
NZB Tortuga 5 NZBs a Day $6/Year for VIP
NZBGeek No Free Account $12/Year for VIP
GingaDaddy 3 API Hits/NZB Grabs $17/Year for VIP
Nzbplanet 5 NZBs Daily $10/Year for VIP

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