Review opened up right around the time that NZBMatrix went down. The site has a large number of files, good retention rates and indexes nearly 100 different newsgroups. It has different options for membership and is set up to foster a community of users.

Read on for more details and if you find this helpful then be sure to check out our list of Best NZB sites

Update: as of September 1,2014

The server of cannot be found at the moment. Signup to our mailing list to be notified if they’re back online and open for registration— you will be also notified if there’s a new NZB site opened and available.

Free Users

To quote the system admin ” free users have limits basically based on how much spare capability current this is at 25 nzbs day”

The Basics

According to the developers, currently has more than 1.5 million NZB files available to users. The site, however, does clean up on a regular basis, so the number does go up and down over time and quite regularly. The retention rates at the site are currently 1,500 days.

There are 95 different groups being indexed at this site at present. The site does not include adult content and encourages members to comment about the NZB files and other topics. The developers say that there are approximately 4,000 postings on the site at present.

The site currently has approximately 6,000 users, with more than 100 of them on the VIP program. The VIP program costs $15 dollars per year or .05 Bitcoin. There is also a way to get a VIP membership by getting a BitUsenet account through the site itself.


The community is a big part of what the people at are trying to accomplish. Very active postings and reward for participating in the posting are both parts of using this site. With around 6,000 users, there is certainly the potential for some interesting conversations. There is also an IRC channel available.

If you want to access what the site has to offer without going to the site itself all the time, however, you can use RSS fees. The site also has an API.

Tech has plenty of server power. In fact, the developers describe it as overkill, so there shouldn’t be any issue for users getting access to the site, even when it’s very busy. Altogether, the servers at this site have 24 cores and 48GB of memory to spare.

That power isn’t wasted on spam files, either. They do deep inspection to get rid of the passworded junk on the USENET and make sure that the quality is there by checking the size and the height and width of the media.

If you want to try out the community and other features themselves, you can go to and use the code 7f18639c3. This will give you access to one of 50 keys that are good for 3 months of premium usage on the site. This is exclusive for Usenetreviewz readers and there are only 50 slots, so go sign up now!

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  1. Tom on February 26th, 2014

    they’ve been offline for a couple weeks. Even as a paid ‘vip’ member when they were running, SB and CP would connect 30-40% of the time. Definitely not a ‘good provider’ at any point.

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