What Is Spotnet?

October 16, 2018

What Is SpotnetSpotnet provides a way that you can get the content that you want from the USENET system without using NZB files. With so many NZB indexers being shut down, the protocol provides an alternative to having to hunt around for new indexers whenever you want to download content. The protocol is becoming very popular and is compatible with some of the best USENET programs out there.

The Basics

Spotnet articles show up in text groups. To read them, you’ll need one of the clients that works with the Spotnet protocol. Two of the most popular are Spotnet and SpotLite. These replace the FTD protocol.

SpotLite is the smaller, faster version of SpotNet. The program will need to connect to your USENET service to get the information about spots, which are kept on a USENET newsgroup instead of on a server. The setup is easy. Once you have it set up, you can use it to view spots and to get the content that you want. Once you get the information from the spot, you can use it to make your own NZB file. You can then use the NZB file to download the content using your newsreader or a downloader such as SABnzbd.

Spotnet is the more complex version. Currently, there aren’t any directions on how to use the program that are written in English, but the program should be something that more advanced USENET users can figure out. You may be able to navigate the extra features on Spotnet by using SpotLite first to get the basics down and then expand that knowledge to Spotnet.

There are four newsgroups that you’ll want to use to take advantage of spots. They include:

  • free.pt, the header group for spots
  • free.usenet is the comment group
  • free.willey is the reporting group for spots
  • alt.binaries.ftd is the NZB group for these posts

To get started, you can download SpotLite 2.0 from http://www.binaries4all.com/spotlite/. This is a lightweight program that has English tutorials for it.

With Sickbeard

Sickbeard supports spots. To configure it, you can just add a spot site like a regular Newznab site. Go to the custom Newznab section and fill in the information required and Sickbeard will be able to work with this protocol, allowing you to keep on using the program that you’re accustomed to with the spot protocol.

Spots offer a nice alternative to NZB sites and may be more resilient.

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