Sickbeard Review

Last Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Sickbeard Review
Rating 4 Stars
Price Free
Features Sickbeard Software
PVR Software
TV Show Management
Last Update 2010

Sickbeard is a personal video recorder (PVR) program with quite a few handy features built into it. Visiting their website(link below) will give you a great deal of depth on its technical features but unfortunately SickBeard has not been updated since 2010.

However it is still working and if you’re just interested in an excellent PVR, however, you may find this to be a great choice. This is already a very popular product and it integrates with some of the best USENET programs out there.


Sickbeard is regularly improved upon. This is one of the most important aspects of any program, PVR or otherwise. The active community behind Sickbeard offers a source of reliability and justified confidence for users and, because of that, it does get some points in terms of overall quality.

Sickbeard also integrates seamlessly with sabnzbd and nzbget . If you’re already using this particular service, you won’t have any difficulties configuring Sickbeard to work with it, as well. It has limited torrent capabilities, in addition to its USENET compatibility – so you have a means to access several different services utilizing this tool.

With the level of complexity that this personal video recording tool offers, it’s likely that you’ll end up having questions about it at one point or another. To make sure that you have a means of answering those questions, Sickbeard has a very active forum that contains an FAQ that you can use to find answers to the most common questions you’re likely to have come up. If that doesn’t work, the program even has its own IRC support channel, which allows you to talk to experts in real time and get answers to any questions that you have.

On the FAQ page, you’ll find instructions including links to videos that can give you all of the information you need for the most complex configurations. According to user feedback, some users have been able to set up Sickbeard while they were watching the video, getting an idea of the overall convenience of the set up process.

Sickbeard can generate metadata for your files and can automatically rename files according to your preferences. It also has plenty of automated features on it, which can save you a lot of time.

As a PVR, Sickbeard has quite a bit to offer. If you’re video enthusiast and you want a handy way to organize your collection, access the videos you have and need something that will integrate with tools you already use, this could be a great choice for you.

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