Deep Discounts From Newest Provider – the Usenet

February 20, 2012

When theUsenet went live back in November, we decided to hide and watch, reserve judgement, and see how they were going to act as a provider. And they came out of the hole with some force, are making a very good try at looking to be serious about their service, and from what we have seen, are bending over backward to please their members and future members.

The Discounts Are Deep

Just as we were about to publish our review of their service, we heard that hey had started their very first discount incentive, they are calling it their February Leap For Joy Special. Here’s what they are offering:

  • You can get a 29 GB metered plan for $2.29 monthly. that is almost 75% off the normal price of $11.10. I wasn’t made sure if this price will last for the life of the account, so you may want to inquire.
  • They are giving almost 50% off on a 290 GB block account. This will only cost you $17.29. Usually this account would cost $29.00, and the block will never expire as with all block accounts.

The Extras

With both of the above discounted memberships you will get free SSL, and all the bells and whistles normally afforded memberships for full paying customers. If you aren’t sure yet, then here are a few of the highlights of their service:

  • 1,179 days of binary retention, and 99+% completion rates.
  • 107.000 newsgroups, you are sure to find something to get your interest in the millions of posts.
  • Supports up to 50 concurrent connections, and downloading the headers won’t count against you, on any account.
  • SSL security is added in with these discounts, but SSL doesn’t come with every account automatically. You can add it in to any membership for $2 though.
  • 24/7/365 support. They have email, support ticket, and there is a live chat. Our support ticket took a short couple of hours, and the answer was right on spot.

The New Kid On The Block

For such a new provider, this is a pretty deep discount. It’s only on the two accounts, but the discounts are good, and their service is fast and efficient. If you are considering checking them out, they do offer a 10 day free trial also, but with these guys you are going to need your own newsreader. If you would like the exact full details of their service, then we have a theUsenet Review for you to get event the smallest details.

Let us know if you have checked theUsenet out yet, and what you thought. You can also stay completely up-to-date on all Usenet related news, specials, and updates by following us and sending us a Tweet at @usenetreviewz.

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