SABNzbd Updated to version .72

March 24, 2017

SABNzbd, the popular newsreader, has recently been updated to version 7.0. This update brings a slew of enhancements and features with it that allow users to get more out of the program. Some of these features have a few wrinkles to be ironed out yet, but most should make it much easier for users to download files off of the USENET.

 New Features and Enhancement

The new SABNzbd has quite a few conveniences included with it. It has a simple system tray menu added to it for users on the Windows platform. If you happen to be working on the Linux platform, the new SABNzbd release will offer you NotifyOSD support, providing your distribution supports it.

Multiplatform Growl support is also included with this new release. If you need to manage the amount of data that you’re downloading off of your USENET subscription, you’ll find download quota management built right into the new version.

Deadlocking problems are common when servers are inaccessible and, to help make this less of a nuisance, the new version of SABNzbd allows you to set the maximum number of retries so that the program simply quits if the server is unresponsive for too long. Another feature that will make it easier to deal with unreliable servers is a pre-download check that allows you to estimate the completeness of whatever binary applies. This is still a bit unreliable at present, however.

About SABNzbd

SABNzbd is an open source newsreader that is designed to make downloading binaries much easier. It works in your web browser, making it a truly cross-platform technology. It is available for free downloads and, despite the fact that it is free, has many convenient features, such as the ability to verify and repair files automatically and much more.

If you’re tired of having to open up the configuration file every time you want to make a change to SABNzbd, you’ll find the new menu feature that allows easy access to some of the settings previously only available in the INI file to be quite convenient. Some of the other features included with this new release include:

SABNzbd Improvements

  • The ability to pick a random IP address for USENET servers with multiple IPs
  • Preventing the partial download of PAR2 files when they’re not needed
  • A single configuration skin for all skins
  • Persistent retries for working with unreliable indexes
  • Translations in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Polish
  • Unified OSX DMG
  • The ability to allow jobs waiting for postprocessing to be deleted

See our review of Sabnzbd or visit their website directly.

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