SABnzbd Readies Version 7.4

March 7, 2017

SABnzbd users have something to be excited about. This version will include several improvements, including multiplatform Growl support. Previously, this popular NZB manager only had support for Growl on OS X. In addition to having support for Growl on other operating systems, including Windows, you’ll be able to send Growl messages to other systems with this new update.

Other Features

There are quite a few other features that will be supported by this newest release of SABnzbd. They include new options for the scheduler, which will allow you to run the program on multiple weekdays and will allow you to remove failed jobs from the scheduler. Some of the improvements will simply make utilizing the program a bit more intuitive. For example, jobs will no longer show up in the history and in your queue simultaneously. A fix has also been included in this update that will take care of issues with third-party tools requesting too much history.

Mountain Lion notification support is not offered as of yet, but the developers are planning on implementing this feature in the near future.


For some users, ISP imposed download limits are problems. The new version of SABnzbd includes improved bandwidth management features that allow you to set quotas. You can set these quotas on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and SABnzbd will automatically pause downloading when the quota is used up. Not only can you tell SABnzbd when the quota is reset, you can also tell SABnzbd whether or not it should resume those downloads that were paused due to going over your quota.

Some other enhancements are very convenient. For example, SABnzbd will now display an icon in the taskbar on Windows systems, allowing instant access to the program and allowing you to check to see if it’s working and to troubleshoot any issues you might be having.

There is also a pre-download check feature included in this new release. This is still experimental, but it should be a welcome addition for those individuals who have trouble with incomplete downloads and with non-repairable downloads. The pre-download check takes a look at the file and sees if there are enough articles to ensure completion of the download before the download even starts.

If you are using the pre-check tool, you can see it in action by simply mousing over the download. All in all, SABnzbd version 7.4 should have many features that users will be glad to see.

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