SABNZBD Has a New Beta Version Available

May 3, 2012

SABNZBD, a popular software option for downloading binaries from USENET newsgroups, has just released a new beta onto the market. SABNZBD version 0.7.0 has several new features that users may find very convenient and that may make it easier for certain users to ensure that they stay within their bandwidth limits.

Manage Your Download Amounts

SABNZBD version 0.7.0 comes with a download quota management system that allows you to monitor your data downloads and to stay within the limits imposed by your ISP. The new version will even pause downloads when your download limit is reached and resume them when your quota is reset to zero. Of course, the program only manages the data that it downloads, so utilizing more bandwidth than your ISP allows will also require monitoring your data usage with other programs aside from SABNZBD. Still, this is a nice feature for people who are heavy USENET users.


Growl support has been added for more platforms. You can now use a client for Growl on Windows and Ubuntu Linux. Formerly, SABNZBD only allowed you to use Growl on Macintosh OS X.

Pre-Download Check

Finding out that there aren’t enough articles for you to get an entire binary is always frustrating, especially when you find out after you’ve consumed a great deal of bandwidth on a file that turned out to not even be fully available. The new SABNZBD 0.7.0 has a pre-download check built into it, designed to make sure you don’t waste bandwidth on files that aren’t there.

This feature is turned on through the Config>Switches menu. According to the official SABNZBD wiki, this new feature will work for every download once it is turned on. The pre-download check will ensure that all of the parts of the file that you want are available and will give you an ETA. This is an experimental feature but it is a compelling one, particularly for those who are on plans with their ISP that have limited bandwidth.

Windows Tray

A small convenience but also a very nice feature, there will now be a Windows tray icon for SABNZBD that shows up for users of that operating system. Like most Windows tray icons, the SABNZBD will allow you to access some of the programs functions very quickly and easily.

SABNZBD has some interesting new features and, for those who haven’t tried out this client yet, now may be the time to take another look at it for downloading USENET binaries.

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