Interview with Watchily Founder Jonathan Cleary

March 21, 2017

Watchily ReviewWatchily is a great new service that’s worth looking at. You can read our review of the service here.

UsenetReviewz got a chance to talk to the founder of the site, Jonathan Cleary, and to ask him some questions about the site, its development and about some other very interesting developments to related software.

Cleary was just adding Sickbeard support to Watchily at the time of the interview. He also had some interesting previews of what Watchily will offer in terms of organization. We’re working on unifying the results for a single title under one result, he said.

That translates to an organizational scheme for search results that makes it much easier for users to navigate what the site returns when they get their results. Cleary explained that, if one were looking for media—we’ll use the TV show Star Trek as an example—the results would be very easy to comb through.

[It] wouldn’t show up as an entry for every service. It will show up as one entry and all the services will be there. With that done, Sickbeard and NZB Drone will be able to go to the season and episode level with a single search result and really show the per episode availability next to Netflix, iTunes, etc., he explained.

This means that a user looking for a show on one of the poplar streaming services doesn’t get a messy collection of results. The title appears as the main search entry with each individual instance of the desired file being displayed as a subentry in the list.

Watchily is planning to be done with these enhancements—and many more—by the end of June. Let’s be honest, the site was made in 2011 and it shows, he said. He’s put two years into the site so far.

Media Management

Watchily works with CouchPotato, NZB Drone and Sickbeard. “…they are fantastic tools for media management and post-processing that merits a look for anyone who wants to manage a personal library,” Cleary explained. “No matter where you get your content from—iTunes, Amazon, personal Blu-Ray/DVD rips, PVR recordings, etc.—nothing is going to sort your content and load it up for XBMC/Plex quite as CouchPotato NZB Drone Sickbeardnicely as these services do. I’m thrilled that we’re able to support them.”

As good as those services are, Cleary was also excited about the new developments for SickRage, a fork of Sickbeard that adds quite a few new features. It looks like it’s going to fill in a lot of the gaps that Sickbeard was missing, he says. It shows in Watchily. I can pull great media information if someone searches with NZB Drone, but I can’t pull that with Sickbeard. I’m betting SickRage fixes that. Cleary said that, using his own personal setup, he’s found that NZB Drone works better than Sickbeard at present.

Watchily, according to the developer himself, is also best used with a PC, at least for the moment. I’ve tried tones of options—Google TVs, Chromecasts, video game consoles, Smart TVs—but, as it stands, there’s just nothing better than a good ol’ PC, he said. It does have advantages. I love that you can stick a $20 NVidia 8400 PCI card in a Pentium IV and get it going perfectly. In my book, nothing quite gives you the speed and quality that a PC does.

Cleary hasn’t tried a Pi yet, but says that could offer good results, as well.

Watchily is located at The site requires registration—which doesn’t cost a thing—and you can take a look at what it has to offer after you sign up.

The site is definitely worth looking at. It eliminates the frustration of having to search several different services for a given show or film, and it allows you to use Sickbeard, NZB Drone and, perhaps soon enough, SickRage right along with the search.

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