Unzbin Review

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2019

Unzbin Review
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Features Dead Site

Update Nov 2017: Unzbin  has not been updated in FOREVER- if you are looking for a free USENET newsreader then we suggest you take a look here for starters our list of the best USENET newsreaders and choose among them (there are many free options)

If you like Usenet but have felt that Usenet is either too complicated or you have felt like spending the money on a good newsreader and especially if you like utorrent client and wish there was something similar for Usenet, then you are in luck. Unzbin to the rescue!

Unzbin promised to potentially revolutionize Usenet downloading. The Unzbin client focuses on one thing and one thing only and does it very well — NZB file downloading and processing and best of all its free.Even if you have already paid for a Usenet client , you might still enjoy unzbin.  Unzbin is light years ahead of grabit and alt.binz in our opinion.

Unzbin is VERY similar to the utorrent client which as a former programmer, I find a coding masterpiece. These guys a Unzbin have done their job well  – the Unzbin client is lightweight, easy to use and appear to be continuously improved. I have had it running for a few days and already noticed an update.


Unzbin is free !!

Definitely check our their software even if you already have a preference for newsbin or newsleecher you might find you like Unzbin.

Unzbin does not offer a Usenet search function. As mentioned, they focus on one thing and do it very well.

NZB Support

Unzbin supports the NZB format 100%. Their client is written specifically to support NZB file downloading and extraction.

Platform Information

Unzbin is windows only and based on the Dot Net platform. No word yet of a mac or linux version.


Check out our list of the best USENET newsreaders and make your choice there.

Key Details

  • Automatic unrar’ing, unpacking , etc – Several other news clients do this well so while this is an excellent feature
  • RSS integration — This is very well done and helps Unzbin differentiate itself from the others. And properly setup – RSS integration made finding content easy!
  • Good for novices and
  • Small Footprint similar to Utorrent.
  • HeapDisQ technology
  • Update Checker
  • Built-in update checker!
  • Multiple downloads
  • Automatic message decoding
  • Full Yenc support UUencode & base64 support
  • Automatically pauses Par’s until needed
  • Automatic file verification, repair & unpacking
  • RSS/ATOM support with regex filter
  • Full SSL support
  • Scheduling
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