Online Storage Provider Dumptruck Starting Early Access Accounts

October 23, 2011

We told you before about Golden Frog and Giganews teaming up together to start an online storage solution called œDumptruck. Well, they have completed their mission early and are now offering early access for those with an invitation. If you were needing storage for all your photos, documents, and other data, this may be the solution you are looking for.

Easy To Use

Using Dumptruck you will have secure access to all the files you have on their servers from anywhere in the world. The system can operate off from a simple drag and drop interface, and no file transfer size limitations. Both, file transfers, and storage, are secured using 256 bit AES (Storage,) and SSL (transfer) encryption. Even in the unlikely event that a server is œhacked the hacker won’t be able to decode any of the information. They have their own servers, so they own the disk drives your data will be stored on, and these are scattered globally including North America, and Europe.

Staying ON The Ball

Just rolling this service out early wasn’t enough for the developers at Golden Frog and Giganews, so they decided to give themselves a little challenge, too. They have announced plans for upcoming mobile device support, desktop applications for both PC and Mac that would place access to your stored files right on your desktop, sharing, password protection, and other developments.

Giganews and Golden Frog are highly trusted and regarded providers here at Usenet Reviews, and since they are running the show on this project, we predict that Dumptruck will soon skyrocket to top rankings among their peers. You can check out the Golden Frog team and Giganews at out

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