VyprVPN Review

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2022

VyprVPN Review
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VyprVPN is a privacy protection tool that encrypts your online communications so that they cannot be read in transit. It provides you with an alternate IP address, as well, so that no page you visit or server you connect to can actually tell where you are, who you are and so forth. This is an excellent tool to have available if you’re tired of worrying about your ISP —or the government—spying on your communications without your consent.

What Is It

VyprVPN can be purchased as a standalone subscription product or along with USENET access from Giganews. The companies are corporate partners and both have exceptionally high standards where their products and their customer support are concerned.

The VPN service allows you to select from a host of different servers around the world and connect to them based on the speed you want—closer is faster—or based on whether you need a connection from a specific country. If you connect to a German VPN server on the network, for instance, you’ll see everything and appear to everyone as if you’re located in Germany.

VPN advantages

VPN protects your privacy, no matter what you’re doing on an network. Instead of sending information to and receiving information from the Internet in a way that all the world can see, you’re hidden behind a wall of encryption that keeps you safe.

Highlighted Features

  • Chameleon – a VPN protocol for bypassing restrictive networks in any country trying to control internet access
  • VyprDNS – a VPN feature that keeps your network safe from any potential man-in-the-middle attacks. VyprDNS does not log any DNS requests.
  • VyprVPN Cloud – a user-friendly VPN server deployment solution that gives you an added layer of security whenever you’re accessing your cloud servers. This is offered for DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, and VirtualBox.
  • Public Wi-Fi Protection – ensures that your connection is secure and you stay protected from hackers and snoops even when accessing unknown Wi-Fi networks
  • Kill Switch – automatically blocks all internet and network traffic when VyprVPN disconnects or is disabled.

Other features include audited No-Log VPN, 30 simultaneous connections, high-speed streaming, IP address protection, 24/7 customer support, access to 70+ worldwide server locations, access to restricted content and high-end encryption or NAT Firewall.

Pricing & Plans

VyprVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee and payment options are either Paypal or Credit Card.

  • 1 Month - $10.00
  • 6 Months - $45.00
  • 12 Months - $60.00

All plans include:

  • WireGuard Advanced Protocol
  • No-Log VPN
  • Apps for all your devices
  • End-to-end Privacy with No 3rd Parties
  • 70+ Fast, Global Server Locations

You can also get the service as a bundle, along with Giganews USENET access. .


VyprVPN comes with a desktop and mobile client option. They are very easy to use. All you have to do is install them and connect to the server of your choice. The desktop apps work with Windows and Mac. The mobile app supports iOS and Android. Below is the list of VPN apps available:

  • VyprVPN for Windows
  • VyprVPN for Mac
  • VyprVPN for Android
  • VyprVPN for iOS
  • VyprVPN for QNAP
  • VyprVPN for Router
  • VyperVPN for Blackphone
  • VyperVPN for TV
  • VyprVPN for Anonabox

Windows, Mac, iOS and Android VyprVPN apps are compatible with WireGuard.


Manual setup is supported by VyprVPN. You can do so according to the VPN connection instructions that apply to your OS. All of which can be found on the VyprVPN website.

  • DD-WRT
  • AsusWRT
  • Synology NAS
  • OpenWRT
  • Boxee
  • Blackberry

Torrent Policy

There are no restrictions on using torrents over VyprVPN. If you do plan on torrenting, however, it’s always advisable to connect to a server located outside your home nation. With over 700+ servers to choose from, this is a non-issue with VyprVPN.

VPN Protocols Supported

They have a large network clustered in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania that spans 70 nations. With more than 700+ VPN servers available, VyprVPN offers users more than 300,000+ different IP addresses to choose from. Their server clusters and DNS servers are entirely in house, eliminating any issues with third-party providers. In addition to all three of the popular VPN protocols, they offer their own, Chameleon, which prevents deep packet inspection and allows you to avoid throttles and blocks on encrypted traffic.

VyprVPN also is capable of dynamic server switching to prevent overloaded or unavailable VPN servers. Desktop and mobile VPN applications are also for easy server switching.

Secure Internet Access in China with VyprVPN

If you live in China or another country which prevents you from accessing the unfiltered version of the Internet, it can be quite a pain to get true and non censored information so obviously one solution would be to use a service like VyprVPN.

VPN Encryption

A virtual private network both encrypts all of the data transmitted between you and your VPN and creates an exit point in another geographical location.

In the case of Vyprvpn, your Internet address or IP address can either appear to be originating in either Europe or the USA. If you are in a restricted country such as China you can both browse the Internet unrestricted and get a glimpse of how different the world appears from another electronic perspective.

VPN Errors

There will be errors from time to time. There is a very high level of customer support with this provider, however, so you’ll always have a place to get your questions answered. You can reach them via live chat or via email.

VPN Conclusion

This is a great privacy enhancing service. You’ll be able to surf the Internet in peace with this company and you’ll be able to enjoy anonymity. As far as VPN companies go, this is one of the best, and their package deals with Giganews are great values for the money.

For more information about VPNs and VPN Services check the website VPNReviewz.com

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