NZBVortex Review

NZBVortex Review
4 / 5
NZBVortex Review
Rating 4 Stars
Price Free or $14.99
Features Lightweight NZB client
RSS feed support
NZB Downloads Only
Free and Paid Versions

NZBVortex is a small and efficient NZB client for OSX . It is a very fast USENET client, which has ability to skip not-required par2 files and will skip downloads of sample files. It also has extremely fast par2 pre-check called “SmartCheck”, which is a feature that is able to detect if a par2 check is required at all. If par2 check is not required, NZBVortex will completely skip it. The software has recently updated to version 2.11, and there are plenty of improvements that have been introduced, making it an even better option.


NZBVortex is available in two editions: free and paid. In the free version, some advanced features are not available. The personal license costs $14.99. It is possible to purchase this license with the use of Paypal, Mastercard or Visa.


Core features NZBVortex has are:

  • Multi connection / threaded downloading
  • Optimized downloading (auto par2 skipping)
  • Par and par2 verify and repair
  • Automatic decompressing of downloaded files
  • SmartCheck
  • RSS feed support
  • Cleanup unwanted files
  • Ability to start post processing manually
  • Separate download and Complete folder
  • Shutdown when all downloads are completed
  • NZB watch folder
  • Skip Sample files (option)
  • Automatic cleanup files
  • Simultaneous transfer (option)
  • yEnc encoded articles
  • Simple but clear Native OSX UI (Cocoa)
  • Low HDD usage (memory caching, good for SSD drives)
  • Supports SSL servers
  • Zipped NZB support
  • Download Throttling/Limiting
  • Growl support
  • Sparkle auto update

Recently Added Features, as of version 2.11, include:

  • Support for XtremeSplit files
  • Par2 file availability check, cuts down wasted bandwidth!
  • Thread sleeps have been removed and replaced by semaphores, this will cut down on CPU wakeups.
  • Switch animation has been improved.
  • RSS TVshow watchers will process from new to old
  • If you’ve downloaded episodes already, TVshow watchers will still process all feed titles
  • NZB files that contain the password in the file name no longer pause

There are many other features that have been added to this new release. Among the most significantly useful is a feature that cuts down on the amount of junk you spend time downloading. The new version will detect junk and, according to the developers, offers 10% improvement on pauses due to damaged content.

There is a new trick out there where junk and spam are concerned, as well, which is designed to defeat passworded RAR protection. The new version of the program has an improvement that allows it to detect this new trick and to help you avoid wasting your time downloading junk files.

There are plenty of other features that have been added, as well. Some of them make the program a lot more reliable, including a fix that prevents crashes from empty strings in RSS feeds, an improvement to the UI threading with finished searches and an upgrade to RAR version 5.0. Overall these improvements make a program that was already quite good even better.


With version 2.11, NZBVortex is even faster than it was, and that’s saying something. The new improvements have addressed a few issues that the program had but, overall, this program is very fast and easy on resources.



Since the update to version 2.11, the developers say that the feedback has been very positive. They are also getting a lot of requests to build a Windows version of their client. For the money and just based on quality alone, this is one of the best NZB clients available for the Macintosh OS platform and one any USENET user will likely appreciate.

The new improvements make this well-worth checking out if you have an older version and want to see what’s been added and improved upon in this program.

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