NZBVortex Goes Cloud

September 30, 2014

NZBVortex CloudNZBVortex announced that it is harnessing the power of the cloud – as marketing types might put it – to improve user experience using their service.

This is unique to NZBVortex at the moment and the NZBVortex Cloud is designed to deal with some of the most common problems that people have using the USENET service.

What the Cloud Does

NZBVortex Cloud is designed to help USENET users work together and make the USENET easier to navigate. For example, when you rename a download, the name that you give the download will be shared with other users. This can help to get rid of some of the rather cryptic names that people find on the USENET system, which can sometimes make locating materials nearly impossible.

If you happen to download a file that has a password requirement, your client will let other clients know about the file, which will save everybody some time. Other features that have been improved are junk and spam detection, constant challenges for USENET users, which are now being addressed using cloud technology in NZBVortex.

One other nuisance that the NZBVortex Cloud is designed to deal with is damaged USENET files. If you can’t download a file, other clients will get that information, again sparing people wasted time.

The feature is included with your regular subscription, which is purchased by getting a one-time license. None of this information includes anything that could be used to identify you, so you don’t have to worry about it being used to spy on you by any government entities.

Other improvements have been added to the latest version of NZBVortex, including the interface being updated to make it look more attractive, features that have improved downloading, including better junk and spam detection and more.

While NZBVortex Cloud is the first product to make use of cloud technology to make downloading off USENET easier, it’s certainly obvious why they made this move. Being able to detect junk files better, being able to eliminate password-protected files from downloads and knowing in advance if an item you want to download is damaged or all available are all significant usability improvements. Being able to share any problems that you have with a cloud connected base of users makes it much easier for everybody to get the most out of their USENET subscription and spend a lot less time getting frustrated looking for or downloading a binary.

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