NZBMegaSearch Goes Open Source

April 26, 2017

NZBMegaSearch Goes Open SourceAccording to the homepage for the project, NZBMegaSearch is going open source. On the homepage, the developer,0byte, said that, while it has been an “awesome ride together”, it is time for him to move on and that keeping up with work and family have made running the site too time-consuming.

Perhaps a bit unexpectedly, however, the developer decided to create an open source repository of NZBMegaSearch, allowing users to install the technology on their machine or on a server, to use it for heavy traffic and, if they want, to install a personal copy on a cloud free of charge and completely anonymously.

The idea behind going open source with the project was to decentralize it and to proliferate the usage of it, according to the developer. NZBMegaSearch will continue to be supported by the developer, but the homepage for the project will be taken down in short order.

The Functionality

NZBMegaSearch allowed users to collect all of their Newznab providers under one account. With the project going open source, users shouldn’t suffer for any lack of availability of NZBMegaSearch, so that functionality will still be widely available.

In fact, NZBMegaSearch may be more available than ever.

Dedicated Hosting

NZBMegaSearch is currently hosted on a rather large server at On Reddit, the host put up a post asking users to submit requests for anything they want added to the server. Currently, it has several different NN+ servers active on the site already and, according to the poster, there’s plenty of bandwidth to spare, so adding more services is a genuine possibility.

CouchPotato and Sickbeard can both be utilized on the server. There are pages set up for integration instructions and there is an API available. The host has also recently added an auto restart code and fault checking to the service.

Essentially, NZBMegaSearch and the server that it is currently hosted on allow users to do a meta-search for binaries across multiple indexes. This makes searching through NZB sites much faster, more convenient and more productive, in most cases. Because the program has gone open source, there will hopefully be many other hosts out there looking to make it available to users. Part of the point of releasing it as open source, in fact, was to ensure the proliferation of NZBMegaSearch and that seems to be well underway, at least judging by the posts on Reddit.

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