NZBGet vs. SABNzbd

December 16, 2014

nzbget vs sabnzbdSince the early 80s, Usenet has been the preferred system for the sharing of ideas between individuals all over the world. Since that time, the platform has obviously come a long way and so has the many programs built to help use it. One of the most successful has been SABNzbd. This “newsgrabber” has been relied on by countless people over the years, but may very well be dethroned in the near future thanks to its greatest competition, NZBGet.

With a release of a new beta version, NZBGet, which has been deployed in various forms since 2004, shows that they are adapting to the industry and providing their own unique innovations.

First and foremost, NZBGet is the more efficient of the two. It runs lighter, with practically no footprint to speak of and minimal resources needed. Given how many people are already taxing their systems, this kind of efficiency is always welcomed.

Perhaps the biggest fundamental difference between NZBGet and SABNzbd is that the former is written in C++ and the latter is coded in Python. That means that NZBGet is always going to offer users a faster overall experience, something which makes a huge difference given its focus on downloading. Given that programs written in C++ will always be faster than those with interpreted languages, NZBGet has a permanent advantage over SABnzbd and any other competitors relying on Python.

On top of that, though, NZBGet is also offering a greater degree of customization. While users can run the downloader in the background—invisibly, of course—they’ll also have plenty of opportunities to make the program work to their unique specifications.

While you may think that the efficiency it promises would also mean less features, that definitely isn’t the case with NZBGet. Instead, users have a better RSS parser, Usenet provider prioritization. Furthermore, with an ever-growing list of post-processing scripts written for it, NZBGet is going to have even more to offer in the future.

As we mentioned earlier, NZBGet has recently debuted a new beta version that shows off a number of improvements, giving even more credence to the idea that this platform is one which will continue to evolve for the better. In fact, it’s very realistic to imagine that NZBGet is in range of overtaking SABNzbd in popularity.

Though no one can know the future for sure, these are just some of the reasons many believe NZBGet is the Usenet downloader soon to reign supreme over the industry.

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