Kwooty Review

Last Updated: May 30, 2019

Kwooty Review
Rating 4 Stars
Price Free
Retention 500 Days
Free Trial None
Features Linux Only NZB Downloader
Multi-Server Support
Built-in YEnc and UUEncode

Kwooty is a USENET option for Linux user with a solid GUI. It’s free, of course, so you can download and try it out whenever you’re checking out new options for USENET binary downloaders and you might like what you find with this option.

Kwooty Feature List :

  • Automatic file verification/repairing
  • Automatic archive extraction (Rar, Zip and 7z, split archive formats supported)
  • Multi-server support
  • Automatic download retry in case of failure
  • Built-in YEnc and UUEncode file decoders
  • Bandwidth throttle and scheduler
  • Favorite transfer folder for each type of downloaded contents
  • Watch Folder
  • File queue and priority management
  • System shutdown scheduler
  • Save/Restore pending downloads when application is closed/open.
  • Built-in SSL connection support
  • Pause/Resume downloads
  • Suspends downloads if disk is full
  • Display of Remaining Time or Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Display of available free disk space
  • Automatic connection to host at start-up
  • Automatic file downloading after openning Nzb file

Feature Details

Kwooty has some great features built into it. It has Unrar 5 support and will automatically verify and repair films that it downloads. It also supports automatic archive extracti0on for multiple formats. Split file archives are supported, as well.

If you have to worry about your bandwidth consumption, this downloader supports throttling, so you can set it up to be conservative on how much of your bandwidth it actually consumers. There’s a watch folder and there’s a favorite transfer folder feature, as well, and you can prioritize your downloads in the queue, allowing for greater flexibility.

If you download an NZB file, Kwooty can be set up so that it automatically downloads the corresponding binary. SSL connection is supported, so you don’t have to worry about losing the privacy protection your USENET provider offers you when you use this downloader. You can also use a system shutdown scheduler built into the software to keep things automated.

Screenshots of Kwooty

Kwooty downloading nzb content

Kwooty Newsreader Nzb Download

Kwooty File verifying process

Kwooty File Verifying Process

Kwooty File repairing process

Kwooty File Repairing Process

Kwooty General Settings

Kwooty General Settings

Kwooty Host Settings

Kwooty Host Settings

Overall Impression

Kwooty has a better GUI than NZBGet, another great downloader option for Linux. Linux users who want something that allows them to get out of a console interface and to keep the power that they’re accustomed to might find Kwooty tempting in that regard. However, there are some drawbacks.

While NZBGet might not be nearly as pretty as Kwooty, it has more automated features built into it. That means hat the crowd who like to set up their downloader to take care of tasks for them with minimal intervention might find Kwooty to be lacking compared to NZBGet.

It might just come down to what you prefer. If you want a GUI and want to simplify your Linux experience as much as possible, you could in this to be the perfect option. If you want the maximum possible automation and don’t mind working off a console interface, NZBGet might be a better option.

Either way, users on the Linux system have better options that ever these days as far as USENET utilities are concerned. With automated downloads and a lot of other features to spare, the new Linux newsreaders and grabbers out there make that open source OS more useful and convenient than ever.

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