DumpTruck Sharing Opens Up

June 9, 2017

DumpTruck-Sharing-Opens-UpDumpTruck is one of  Golden Frog’s offerings the other one being their VyprVPN service.  Recently ( January 2013)  The DumpTruck storage service was recently expanded to allow 5GB of free storage to customers, but has been altered yet again to make it even more useful. With the new DumpTruck web app, users can get the best of the cloud.

Sharing Files

The DumpTruck Secure Public Sharing feature blends the best of sharing items online and making sure that they’re secure. The app allows you to share files including photos, videos and other documents with a link. The web app allows you to do this via one or more links. This is similar to other file-sharing cloud features, but there is a significant difference where DumpTruck is concerned.

DumpTruck allows you to set a password for the link and an expiration date. You can make sure that only the right people can see the file and that, when you need the file to be taken out of your share, the link will automatically expire.

DumpTruck also allows you to see how many downloads were performed for each file and folder. This is more than a convenience feature. Knowing whether or not someone else tried to access the file or folder is important for security. Where security is concerned, however, DumpTruck has some real advantages aside from the aforementioned.

DumpTruck stores files in encrypted form. They cannot be read without the right credentials and Golden Frog does not use data deduplication when they backup files, so no one automatically scans your files. Once it’s on the system, it’s secure and encrypted and you don’t have to worry about the kinds of threats that plague less secure cloud storage options. You can even make multiple links with different expiration dates to your folders, allowing for even more security.


DumpTruck is one of the fastest-evolving services from Golden Frog, who’s VyprVPN already deserve the high marks that they get from us. Adding these new features only makes it cooler. If you sign up for VyprVPN, you get a free 5-GB storage space on the DumpTruck service, allowing you to take it for a test drive and to see what it has to offer. The security of this system makes it entirely suitable for business and other sensitive file sharing applications, so there’s plenty to pique the interest of users among this company’s many fine offerings.

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