Better retention and free online storage from Ngroups

October 9, 2013

Ngroups recently announced that they have upgraded binary retention. Therefore, binary retention is currently more than 784 days (it was 650 days prior to this change). All the subscribers will get better retention rate immediately and at no additional cost.

Further, this is not where the good news ends. Ngroups’ subscribers can now use free unlimited online storage. This great feature can be activated through the control panel.

If you decide to choose Ngroups’ service, you’ll also get:

  • up to 50 simultaneous connections
  • great speed regardless of location (they have both EU and US servers)
  • free SSL encryption
  • great support

We have detailed review on Ngroups so feel free to check it.

Here is what about us page reads

Ngroups.NET started operations November 1, 2003, as part of a Swedish company – GL Design IT, who at that time already operated the Swedish Usenet Newsgroup provider “Usenet.SE”.

The business philosophy for Ngroups.NET has always been to provide the best services at the lowest price. That philosophy has led us to a leading position among the non-independent Usenet Newsgroup providers.

Ngroups.NET is now a subsidiary of Nasca Communications, Ltd, who continues the same tradition.

Nasca Communications, Ltd.
16 Albert Hoy Avenue
Belama Phase 1
Suite #1043
Belize City

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