Astraweb takes the lead with 4 billion Usenet Message headers

October 23, 2012

An interesting thing happened with Astraweb few days ago. Due to a minor technical issue, it appeared like that Astraweb has taken the lead with article headers.

The complete news from the NewsBin official site follows:

“Due to some ancient code, Newsbin fell on its face when a group got up to 4 billion posts. The symptoms are that when downloading headers from boneless, the total number of headers to be downloaded each time would increase. This currently is only an issue on Astraweb but other servers will hit this point too.

The good news is that we’ve fixed it and have a Version 5.59 available with the fix. We have not released it as a production version yet and are calling it a pre-release.”

They also encourage users to contact the development team through the Newsbin Technical Support Form or through the Newsbin Forums.

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