VyprDNS Review

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2022

VyprDNS Review
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VyprDNS is a VPN service from the same company that offers Giganews and VyprVPN. VyprVPN and VyprDNS together offers privacy services which avoids having your traffic spied upon by your ISP. It also prevents some of the more common types of attacks out there, so it does double duty in terms of protection. It works by encrypting and, thus, securing your DNS requests so they cannot be read by anyone save for the VyprDNS servers, which handle your requests.

EDITOR’S NOTE: VyprDNS is now a standard part of VyprVPN. The review below is kept for historical purposes and as reference to what it does.

What it Does

The DNS system provides the means by which your requests to a name server are translated to numbers that can be used to route you to the right place. Normally, your ISP provides this service. If you’re on a VPN service, your provider offers the DNS, as well, though you might be leaking your requests to your ISP, even if you’re on a VPN. You can test for that problem here.

Routing through VyprDNS also allows you to get around many geo-restrictions on content. This means, for instance, if you happen to be in the Philippines, you could watch content that’s restricted to the US or other locations. This isn’t illegal, but it’s impossible to do unless you have some system like VyprDNS that handles your requests for you.

Vyprdns How It Protects You

One of the most common types of attacks involves either hijacking page requests or routing them to a server that is not at all what you were looking for. In the former case, hackers can set themselves up on public networks and, when you look for a given resource, the fake server sends you to a bogus, potentially harmful, resource.

Another way this works, though it’s far less malicious, has privacy implications. If you enter a bad domain name in your browser, your ISP will sometimes route you to a “search” page. These are usually just advertisements. Your ISP may also take the data that you generate by DNS requests and sell them to marketers. VyprVPN prevents this.

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