2014 Most Innovative Usenet Provider Award: Giganews

March 7, 2014

giganews logoThis is the second year for this category, and for the second year running, Giganews has come out on top. We give this award to the Usenet Provider that uses available resources and peripheral services, in the most innovative manner possible to enhance the members experience. And in this category, Giganews can’t be beat for the number of extras that seem to meet every possible need of the avid Usenet fan and beginner alike. Read on for an in depth look at what Giganews has to offer…

First,The Mimo Newsreader

Free for Diamond and Platinum members Mimo is one of the best newsreaders available today. The reader will unpack and repair binaries automatically, scheduling is supported, as is SSL, previewing, thumbnails, queing, and speed limiting are all supported fully. There is a search that is fast and reliable integrated into the browser, and loading headers is a breeze and as fast as it gets.

Next, The VyprVPN To Keep Private Things Private

ISP throttling, and the government watchdogs are a thing of the past with the VyprVPN service that comes free with all Diamond and Platinum accounts. A free VPN is just what every Usenet enthusiast needs…especially those using one of the 5 ISPs that are monitoring their customers for P2P activities. Giganews’ partnership allows them to give this unlimited service to all their Diamond level members.

Finally, Online Storage From Dump Truck

Everyone can use a little extra storage, and all members get some online storage from Golden Frogs’ Dump Truck online storage. It’s safe secure, and free for all Giganews members, though your account will determine how much storage you get. There are desktop clients for just about every OS and many mobile platforms are also supported. There’s even a web-based app, WebDAV, which covers anything that is internet capable.

Congratulations Giganews

We would like to take a moment to mention that Golden Frogs’ development team did all this while lowering their prices, increasing retention by over 300 days, and added additional security for the Dump Truck apps! We would also like to congratulate all the guys over at Golden Frog cause they’re the ones that develop\support\maintain all of the satellite services that are related to the Giganews offerings.

Have a suggestion, or just want to get something Usenet related off your chest? Send us a tweet to @usenetreviewz.  Check out our review of Giganews here for the latest info on them.

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