NZB Hydra Review

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2022

NZB Hydra Review
Rating3 Stars
FeaturesNZB Meta Search
Search Many Sites
Python 2 Software
Many NZB Sites
Editor’s Note: While this version of NZB Hydra still works fine, its developes recommend the newer version released in 2018, NZBHydra 2.

Tired of searching multiple NZB sites? NZB Hydra might make things easier for you.

NZB Hydra works similarly as a meta search for newznab indexers and torznab trackers. Users can also utilize Jackett to easily access the mentioned indexer and tracker.

There has no been updates on this version of NZB Hydra since 2018. Like its developers, we recommend checking out NZBHydra 2.

The Program

NZB Hydra searches multiple NZB sites. The developer calls it a “spiritual successor” to NZBMegasearch. It’s still in alpha, so if you want to check it out, be aware that there might be issues here and there.

The program also allows you to search IMDB, TVRage and other sources to find NZBs for the binaries you’re after.

The program runs on Python 2.7. It’s compatible with reverse proxies but, as is the case with the other features, not everything is smoothed out as of yet, so there might be some issues that have to be dealt with before everything is running optimally .

You may want to check out the NZB Hydra 2 github site to see the latest releases.

Get Involved

The developer is inviting those who are interested to give NZB Hydra a shot and to put it through its paces. There’s quite a bit on the to-do list for the program, including designing a better GUI and devising a way to make it possible to start and stop the program from the GUI itself.

However, since the release of NZB Hydra 2, its developers seem to have reached stability with the development of this software. You can get involved by testing the program and reporting any issues or bugs that you may experience. They are also still open to people who can do frontend work( (JS, CSS, HTML).

The developer also says that the project would benefit from having an experienced web developer aboard. If you fit that bill, you can head over to the project’s homepage and see how you can throw into the effort.


While NZB Hydra seems to be not ready for prime use, the program certainly does have some promise. Cutting down the amount of time that one has to spend searching through NZB sites would be great for many people and would certainly make USENET more productive.

You can see our reviews of NZB indexers to learn more about where you can go right now to start downloading binaries. You can also use Newsreaders such as Newhosting and some others that have included search features to hunt down the NZB files you’re after.

Visit  NZB Hydra
Visit NZB Hydra
Visit NZB Hydra

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