NewsgroupDirect Offers Back to School Sale

September 5, 2012

Not all back-to-school sales involve new clothes and new laptops and tablets. NewsgroupDirect is offering a deal on their block USENET access, and offering enough of a block that most users should find it adequate to satisfy their USENET needs for a while.

The company’s offer amounts to a 60 percent reduction in the price of their 500 gigabyte USENET block accounts. These accounts never expire until you have used the entire 500 gigabyte block of bandwidth, so a moderate USENET user could likely get away with using this as their main USENET access service for a long time.

The offer only goes until September 4, so you’ll want to sign up for it quickly. NewsgroupDirect has other account options, as well, including an unlimited download plan for $20 per month. The unlimited plan comes with 30 gigabytes of online storage and a free newsreader, as well.

There is also a coupon being offered that entitles you to a 20 percent discount on their other services.

Block Access vs. Unlimited Access

The vast majority of good USENET providers will offer you an option for block access and a monthly recurring program that offers you a specific amount of access. Because bandwidth is becoming less expensive all the time, most USENET providers offer an inexpensively priced unlimited monthly option. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of them, depending upon your usage patterns.

If you use the USENET a lot, an unlimited plan is likely the way to go. It prevents you from having to keep track of how much you’ve downloaded, so you can just use the USENET however you choose and not have to worry about your account expiring unexpectedly.

Block USENET account access is a great option for people who want a lot of download bandwidth but who don’t necessarily foresee using it consistently over the course of a month. For example, if you use your USENET service at college to get access to some of the groups related to your area of study, a large block account, such as the 500 gigabyte option being offered by NewsgroupDirect, may very well keep you going for the entire school year. It also doesn’t require you to worry about having any form of payment on file to renew your subscription and allows you to budget your USENET expenditures exactly, which can both be real advantages when you’re on a college student’s budget.

The back to school sale, aside from offering a good deal, does offer an opportunity to add the USENET to your arsenal of resources when you’re at college.

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