NewsDemon Starts Holiday Savings Early

November 15, 2013

NewsDemon Starts Holiday Savings EarlyNewsDemon has decided to start the holidays a bit early this year and is offering a giveaway.

The NewsDemon Holiday Giveaway started up on November 13 and, if you’re a new user, you automatically get to participate in the contest. If you want to participate, you can sign up for one of the NewsDemon USENET access packages by November 20th and you’ll be entered automatically. The offer applies to those who purchase monthly recurring subscriptions and block accounts, so no one is left out. There are some good prizes to be had, of course. The drawings take place daily until the 20th of November.

The prizes include:

Roku 3: This is a streaming service that allows you to watch content from the largest providers on the net, including HBO GO, Netflix and Hulu. The service even allows you to work with your locally stored content. Spotify is also supported.

Amazon Gift Certificates: NewsDemon will give the winners of this prize a $50 certificate that they can use to shop at Amazon which, of course, has just about everything imaginable.

Chromecast: This is a streaming player that works with your HDTV. It allows you to stream audio and video from tablets and smartphones using the Android OS.

1 Year of Unlimited: Here’s a great prize. If you win this prize, you get 1 year of unlimited USENET access from NewsDemon. If you have a block account, they just add the 1 year unlimited access to that, so you get your block access, plus a year of unlimited downloads.

Click Here to join the NewsDemon Holiday Giveaway

There is a Grand Prize drawing that is separate from the regular drawings. This will be held on November 20. If you don’t win anything in the regular drawings, you can still win the Grand Prize.

If you win the Grand Prize, you win everything listed above. You’ll get Roku, the certificate for Amazon, Chromecast and 1 year of unlimited USENET access from a great provider.

The Grand Prize is only available to anyone who hasn’t won one of the other prizes between November 13th and 20th.

The winners will be announced via the blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts for NewsDemon, so be sure you’re signed up as a fan or a follower and check their blog to see if you’re a winner.

The contest is ongoing so, if you’re interested in NewsDemon, this would be a good time to go sign up and get your name in the hat.

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