NewsDemon Offers VPN Access

August 22, 2012

NewsDemon is adding VPN access to its Platinum level accounts. The company already provides SSL access to its USENET servers but, with the addition of VPN, users can surf the Internet and conduct any other business they have to do online knowing that their data is securely encrypted and that they don’t have to worry about prying eyes accessing confidential information.

The Service

The Platinum account package will be available for $7 per month for the first month. After that, the cost goes up to $17 per month, which is still a good value compared to what other providers offer.

Along with the VPN access, you get unlimited downloads off of the USENET servers, 50 SSL connections for your USENET access, 30 gigabytes of online storage and a free copy of the company’s News Rover newsreader program.


NewsDemon has 1,455 days binary retention on its USENET servers, so they’re certainly competitive with the other providers out there in that regard. The interesting aspect of the service will be the VPN.

Testing the VPN

Because NewsDemon is among our top providers and they do offer a great USENET service, we’re excited to see what they have to offer in terms of a VPN. We haven’t had a chance to test it out yet, but, rest assured, we will do so at the first opportunity.

The $7 pricing for the VPN access is very competitive with other providers, whether they’re offering VPN as a package deal along with USENET or offering VPN as a standalone service. Unlimited bandwidth comes with the VPN access, as well, which eliminates any complexities that might’ve evolved from having to manage an unlimited VPN account and an unlimited USENET account.

Is it Useful?

VPN access, even though most USENET providers do offer you SSL connections to their USENET servers, is most certainly a benefit. A similar combination deal is currently offered by Giganews and is extremely popular. These services allow you to add an extra level of privacy protection when you’re connecting to the USENET or to any other service.

If you did happen to miss out on the great summer deals that a lot of USENET providers are offering as incentives to sign up for their services, the $7 per month fee being charged for the new Platinum account over at NewsDemon may be a handy way for you to make up for it. Better privacy, great USENET access and a good price all make it something worth checking out.

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