NewsDemon Offers a Serious Deal

September 19, 2012

One of the strategies that USENET providers have been employing to attract new customers is packaging their services with related services. Among the most popular combo services is USENET access, VPN access and file storage. NewsDemon has one upped a lot of their competition by offering a deal that’s really rather stunning.

The Deal

NewsDemon released a coupon code that not only includes VPN access and file storage access, but which also gives all of these services at an incredible price. The first month of service will run you seven dollars. After that, with the coupon code, you’ll only have to pay $14 each month for all of the services for the lifetime of your account. The service includes unlimited USENET downloads, monthly VPN access and 30 gigabytes of storage.

This package deal is very similar to what some other providers – including some of our top providers – offer their customers. The pricing, however, is something more than competitive. The normal price for the Platinum package, which includes all of the services, is $17 each month. With this discount, a long-term subscriber could save a great deal of money over their term of service with the provider.


Most good USENET providers offer SSL encryption when you hook up to their USENET servers. Because USENET services are among the ones that have been targeted by ISPs for monitoring, this is an excellent security measure. When they package VPN services along with their USENET services, providers give you an additional level of security. Even more than that, the additional level of security applies to all of your Internet surfing and other network activity. The SSL encryption that is used to provide security for the USENET connection itself only extends to the USENET service. The VPN encryption extends to everything on your computer, including instant messengers, VoIP, streaming video and whatever else you use your Internet connection for.


The coupon code for this offer is NDCmb7n14UNLP. To utilize the coupon code, go through the sign-up process for the Platinum level account and then enter the coupon code when you are prompted. This will lock you into the deal, allowing you to save money for the duration of your account and to enjoy one of the best pricing schemes out there for USENET providers. What makes this service particularly good is that NewsDemon happens to be an excellent USENET and VPN provider, increasing the value of the offer even more.

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